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Eikon "get_data" generates tons of duplicates

I want to retrieve the analyst reccomendation data for a series of stock in a period of time. The code looks like the following:

a, b = ek.get_data('AAPL.O', ['TR.RecEstValue(SDate=1983-01-01, EDate=2021-01-09)',

'TR.RecEstValue(SDate=1983-01-01, EDate=2021-01-09).confirmdate',

'TR.RecEstValue(SDate=1983-01-01, EDate=2021-01-09).brokername',

'TR.RecEstValue(SDate=1983-01-01, EDate=2021-01-09).analystname'])

However, what I get is a huge time dataframe with hundreds of thousands of rows, most of which are simply duplicates. Indeed, dropping all the duplicates the dataframe reduces to few hundreds of rows.

How can I solve this problem?

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Hi @User73

FIrst of all, please review API limitation guideline at

And please do not try to retrieve a very large amount of data in a single API call.

For the duplicate? question, in fact, there is a property called "calcdate" which is a unique value of each unique data.

a, b = ek.get_data('AAPL.O', ['TR.RecEstValue(SDate=2020-11-01, EDate=2021-01-09)',
'TR.RecEstValue(SDate=2020-11-01, EDate=2021-01-09).calcdate',
'TR.RecEstValue(SDate=2020-11-01, EDate=2021-01-09).confirmdate',
'TR.RecEstValue(SDate=2020-11-01, EDate=2021-01-09).brokername',
'TR.RecEstValue(SDate=2020-11-01, EDate=2021-01-09).analystname'])

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Thank you very much for the answer! Is there a way to simply retrieve the required data without accounting for the 'calcdate' variable in order to avoid downloading the duplicates?

Hi @User73

I believe that is the behavior of this field.

However, you can clarify this with the Refinitiv Content Helpdesk.
The moderators here do not have deep expertise in every type of content available through Eikon.
The Refinitiv Content Helpdesk can be reached using Contact Us capability in your Eikon application.
Or by calling the Helpdesk number in your country.
Or at