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Patchy Output using Orga IDs


I have a list of about 1500 Organization IDs which are all Eikon-generated in a previous step of my analysis, using "TR.OrganizationID" (on a very large list of some fixed income instrument CUSIP numbers).

When using said list with the Eikon API (Python), I only get output for a small fraction of these 1500 IDs.

I manually checked for the existence of the IDs and found that in the Data Item Browser they do have the variables I am interested in.

The underlying python function for the API:

def Eikon_Function(ID_List,k,m,field_inputs,date_param, add_param1 = None, add_param2 = None):
   panda_df , err= ek.get_data(ID_List[k:m], fields=field_inputs, parameters={'SDate': date_param, add_param1: add_param2})

I only use a maximum of 500 IDs per request (see k:m).

I only request one field per request.

I did not include any additional parameters.

Some simple variables I was checking:

field_inputs = TR.HeadquartersCountry
field_inputs = TR.TRBCBusinessSector
field_inputs = TR.CoRPrimaryCountry

The following random list:

[4296016896, 4296020480, 4296020992, 4296022016, 4296025600]

gives the following results:

- All 5 yield the headquarters country

- Items 2,3,5 yield the Business Sector

- Item 3 yields the country of primary risk

(however, overall the HQ variable also has missing output for about 10%)

In short: How can I fix this issue?



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1 Answer

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hi @Markuss

As checked, the value in DIB (Data Item Browser) is also null, for example, field TR.TRBCBusinessSector of 4296016896, hence this a a content-related question.


As this forum is more for programming-type queries, rather than content queries. I would recommend you to contact the Eikon support team directly via MyRefinitiv to ask for the content clarification

However, for this case, I've raised ticket number 11158215 to a content specialist team and they are going to contact you soon.

Hope this could help

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Hi Raksina,

Thanks for the quick reply. I double checked and you indeed are right - I assume I didn't pay enough attention which items I had in the DIB when checking yesterday.