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How do I query Eikon to have immediate notifications when a security matching certain criteria is added by the data team?

Hello, I would like to understand how I can retrieve automatically into Excel a list of fixed income securities (specifically Convertibles), as soon as the data team adds them onto Eikon, and also get a notification immediately when something has been added.

To make things clear I am not a developer, but my plan is to learn by doing. Hence, if anyone is keen enough to help me, suggestions on the language/s to use would also be welcome.

Thank you for the help

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You can start with using the searching capability in Excel > Thomson Reuters > Search, click on the looking glass icon to open advanced search, go to Fixed Income and select Government and Corporate Bonds.

Click on Add Criteria > Find Criteria and type in Convertible Bond Type and press OK and the new criteria is going to be added to your search template. Click on Convertible Bond Type on the template and select Convertibles, click on the Add > button and press OK. In Issue Date select After 01-Nov-2017.

Press Search. It will show some results and now we will need to get them into Excel. Choose the Create Function tab, in the drop down select All and click Send.

It will construct an RSearch function that is going to look something like this (i have changed the syntax to remove the cell references):


This will get back the list of all convertibles that were placed after the 1-Nov. I think that this is the closest result to what you actually require.

You can also use the RSearch COM API so you are not dependent on the spreadsheet function. Have a look at this tutorial

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Spasibo @Zhenya Kovalyov
It is very straightforward using the Thomson Reuters ribbon in Excel. I also went through the tutorial, but being truly the first time I do VBA on my own, it does not seem to work at the moment, but I am sure I will figure it out.