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When I send request for for the market for an item I got the follwoing result


Status EUR=

serviceName : IDN_RDF

symbolName : EUR=

streamState : Open

dataState : Suspect

statusCode : None

statusText : Source unavailable... will recover when source is up

I got this messages always , I will attach configuration file with following thread

My goal is to retrieve Market Feed

rfaexamplecfg.txt (1.1 KiB)
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  • What application you are using?The following configs is not RFA configuration. You can find RFA configuration from RFA Configuration Guide which locates in folder <RFA.NET installation path>\Docs

\Connections\Connection_RSSL\UserName= "LO4_03_RHB_SWVPNTRIAL02" 
\Connections\Connection_RSSL\Position= "" 
\Connections\Connection_RSSL\AppId= 256 
\Connections\Connection_RSSL\SupportPauseResume= true 
\Connections\Connection_RSSL\SingleOpen= true 
\Connections\Connection_RSSL\AllowSuspect= true

From logger message, it looks like service name IDN_RDF unavailable on the server you are connecting to. Please confirm service name with ADS support or Thomson Reuters representative who provides the server information to you. And please make sure that your application pass correct information such as AppID, Position, UserName to OMM Login message.

  • If you are testing with RFA.NET example such as StarterConsumer example, you can set service name, username,position and app ID in StarterConsumer.cfg file which is application config file. If you already used correct one, please test again with StarterConsumer example and provides console output from StarterConsumer_<pid>.log so we can review the error messages.
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I used the step 7 at the tutotrial of RFA.NET 7 , that is dedicated for receiving the prices from the market

I will start work on starterConsumer and post the results , thank you for your help



I filled the conifguration files and attached them at following comment , my goal to read market feedback from market , I wonder if I need to fill the parts of NIP and MCast and what "Connection_RSSL_CONS_MCAST" , "Connection_RSSL_NIPROV" and "Connection_RSSL_NIPROV_MCAST" at condifuration file refers to and if I need to fill them

No, you don't need to modify other connection name. The application has to use connection name which using connection type RSSL. The example use Session1 which contains Connection _RSSL in the list.

Don't forget to change service name to a new one available on your server. DIRECT_FEED is just default service name provided by Provider example.

Dear @moragodkrit thank you very much for your help , after executing the Cosumer example it gave me list of Reuters services can you help me to specify the service name and item name for getting market feed where Ithmson-reuters-services.txt want to use the service hEDD

I attached the list of servcies

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