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Application crashing with error 80131506

Dear team,

We are using RFA.NET 7 libraries in our WCF service. The WCF service is built on .NET framework v4.0.

We are experiencing the below mentioned error when we are trying to connect to Reuters from the WCF service


Application: DataService.Server.WCF.Service.exe

Framework Version: v4.0.30319

Description: The process was terminated due to an internal error in the .NET Runtime at IP 000007FEF9131A48 (000007FEF9060000) with exit code 80131506

When we checked the problem on MSDN sites, we came to know that it is because of concurrent garbage collection and we have disabled it by setting <gcConcurrent enabled=false/> in the app.config file. Even then, we are facing this error.

Upon investigation, came to know that the exception purely occurs when an unmanaged code is not properly disposing the objects via the GC

Investigation point:

the problem was a C++/CLI library in which there was a call to the NtQuerySystemInformation; for some kind of reason sometimes (and under mysterious circumstances), when it was called the CLR heap got corrupted and the application crashed.

So, we assume that the RFA.NET 7 library is built on C++ and could you please investigate on the occurance of this error from your end

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Hello @sri-satya-kri.challa,

I can not overstate the importance of your organization being on a currently supported version of RFA.NET. The quickest way to verify this is to consult with

API Obsolescence List

RFA .NET 7.5 was End-Of-Life 12/31/2016. The currently supported version is RFA.NET 8.0

So in order to be on a supported version the app will need to migrate to RFA .NET 8.0.


In terms of effort versus reward, if I was contemplating an API migration off an unsupported version, in order to be on a supported API, I would heavily consider migrating Elektron API Suite - and Elektron Websocket API.

Elektron is our current, most efficient API suite, for a while new features have been coming out in Elektron APIs, and new features will continue to be made available in Elektron APIs.

RFA is fully supported (the versions are listed in the above link), if the migration effort is required, it's feature-complete API versus the latest, continuously improving and evolving API.

This was the consideration, if your application is existent and started experiencing the issue that you describe. For a newly developed application Elektron API suite is the API of choice.

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