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When an Instrument does not have Data , client is expecting to see 204 status code on API response

I ran a Corporate Actions extraction on <EUR=> as there is no such data on that RIC, expected to see 204 status, however I still see 200 Success:


"ExtractionRequest": {

"@odata.type": "#ThomsonReuters.Dss.Api.Extractions.ExtractionRequests.CorporateActionsStandardExtractionRequest",

"ContentFieldNames": [

"Corporate Actions Type",

"Capital Change Event Type",

"Capital Change Event Type Description",

"Actual Adjustment Type",

"Actual Adjustment Type Description",

"Adjustment Factor",

"Currency Code",

"Exchange Code",

"Effective Date",

"Dividend Pay Date",

"Dividend Rate",

"Nominal Value",

"Nominal Value Currency",

"Nominal Value Date"


"IdentifierList": {

"@odata.type": "#ThomsonReuters.Dss.Api.Extractions.ExtractionRequests.InstrumentIdentifierList",

"InstrumentIdentifiers": [

{ "Identifier": "EUR=", "IdentifierType": "Ric" }



"Condition": {

"ReportDateRangeType": "Last",

"PreviousDays": 30,

"ExcludeDeletedEvents": true,

"IncludeCapitalChangeEvents": true,

"IncludeDividendEvents": true,

"IncludeEarningsEvents": true,

"IncludeMergersAndAcquisitionsEvents": true,

"IncludeNominalValueEvents": true,

"IncludePublicEquityOfferingsEvents": true,

"IncludeSharesOutstandingEvents": true,

"IncludeVotingRightsEvents": true,

"CorporateActionsCapitalChangeType": "CapitalChangeExDate",

"CorporateActionsDividendsType": "DividendPayDate",

"CorporateActionsEarningsType": "PeriodEndDate",

"ShareAmountTypes": [





API response:


"@odata.context": "$metadata#ThomsonReuters.Dss.Api.Extractions.ExtractionRequests.ExtractionResult",

"Contents": [],

"Notes": [

"Extraction Services Version 14.3.41935 (052f652420ba), Built Oct 12 2020 20:10:50\r\nProcessing started at 11/24/2020 06:53:43.\r\nUser ID: 9022036\r\nExtraction ID: 491676963\r\nSchedule: _OnD_0x0756c43200771104 (ID = 0x0756c43204f71104)\r\nReporting the latest corporate actions.\r\nSuppressing Deleted Events\r\nReporting corporate actions with shares default type.\r\nInput List (1 items): _OnD_0x0756c43200771104 (ID = 0756c43202471104) Created: 11/24/2020 06:53:40 Last Modified: 11/24/2020 06:53:41\r\nSchedule Time: 11/24/2020 06:53:41\r\nReport Template (20 fields): _OnD_0x0756c43200771104 (ID = 0x0756c43200c71104) Created: 11/24/2020 06:53:40 Last Modified: 11/24/2020 06:53:40\r\nProcessing completed successfully at 11/24/2020 06:53:44, taking 0.805 Secs.\r\nExtraction finished at 11/24/2020 06:53:44 UTC, with servers: x03A06, QSHC16 (0.1 secs), QSSHA1 (0.0 secs)\r\nNo usage to report -- 1 Instrument in the input list had no reported data.\r\n"



Client expecting 204 status as per API documentation:


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1 Answer

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Hello @Beera.Rajesh,

In my understanding of DSS Product Documentation of Status Codes , the response status=204 indicates "No Content if the requested resource has the null value.".

The result, in this case, is empty, not null.

So, from my viewpoint, from the API usage perspective, I believe, the request is correct, and I believe the response is correct, as well.

If you would like to verify that the response, as generated by DSS service, is correct, the best approach will be to verify with DSS product team, by submitting a service request to them directly.

Does this answer make sense?

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@zoya.farberov Thank you for looking into this, may I know an example where clients can expect 204 (where API response will be NULL)

Examples to differentiate : (empty & null)

Hello @Beera.Rajesh,

Please find a couple of previous discussion threads related to status 204:

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Another common example of Status=204 is successful deletion from instrument list:



Status=204, no content