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REDI CacheControl Cell Names List

Hello! I am using the C# example programs (REDIConsoleOrders from Github) as a template, and I am trying to subscribe to all system behavior for a group a traders. That is working as expected.

I am, however, confused about the names used to denote the "cells" available when calling CacheControl.GetCell. I have written a unit test that pulls all of the names listed in Appendix 2 (page 51) of the API document (version 2.4), and those work.

My confusion comes from the example code - it calls GetCell with fields that are not listed in the API documentation, and those work! Some examples are: "PriceDesc", "Leaves", and "Status". These do not cause errors like a call with a fake cell name would, which indicated to me that there are additional fields.

Is there a more accurate list of the fields available through CacheControl, or perhaps a method for enumerating them in code? I am looking to fulfill another API's requirements for fields, and any additional information I can pull from the trade activity would be helpful.

I am referencing the document "REDI API Specification, Version 2.4, dated 3 December 2019.


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Hello @William McBurnett,

REDI Spec is the most comprehensive document on the subject. It's a work in progress, however, in that the most popular use case fields are included, not all.

One can further understand API usage from REDI Tutorials, the example on GitHub is a companion example.

I do not think the way exists to enumerate all table fields, and this set s not fully static, new versions bring improvements to the field availability.

To pinpoint a field you would like to use, I would suggest

  • Going through REDIPlus desktop menu
  • Management -> Message Monitor
  • Select Order tab
  • Right-mouse-click
  • select Edit Fields option
  • Add the field to your order layout and observe the value in the field for your existent orders/test orders.

This allows to determine if the field you have is what you are looking for or it is not. Once confirmed on the value, the field may not be called identically for API access, often is, if not, is usually close, and is possible to guess. If this is not the case, please let us know here and we will try to help identify the field name.

I hope this helps

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Roger, that makes some sense. I will explore that.

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