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Does SFC Java 3.5.x / 3.6.0 work with RTDS 3.5+?


Could someone confirm whether RTDS 3.5 and later only work with RSSL and standard SSL connectivity using port 8101 will cease to function? Specifically we are interested in how the RTDS platform upgrade will impact our SFC Java adaptor which is currently based on SFC Java 3.5.x.

We understand from the API compatibility matrix and from this answer that SFC Java 3.5.6 is obsolete but it is not yet EOL. Is this correct? Does SFC Java 3.6.0 offer any benefits over 3.5.6 in terms of support for RTDS 3.5+ and/or with regards to rebranding?


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Hello @Paolo Parlapiano,

I am looking at REFINITIV REAL-TIME DATA DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM aka TREP - Technical Doc Links for 3.5.1 – April 2021 v3

From there I follow through to the latest ADS Installation Guide (3.5.1)

It continues to support SSL connections, on port 8101.

Per API Compatibility Matrix, JSFC 3.5.6 is in active obsolescence.

In JSFC 3.6.0.L1 REBRAND document please find:


There is *no* impact on the existing customer applications written using SFC Java

API due to rebranding. Also, the connectivity to the Refinitiv products will *not*

be impacted due to rebranding efforts and existing applications will continue to work.

However, starting with the SFC Java version 3.6.0.L1, all future fixes will be made

only on re-branded releases. Post July 2021, non-rebranded versions such as 3.5.6.L1

for example, will no longer be available for download due to licensing reasons. We

will continue to offer support for non re-branded versions of the API that includes

investigating the reported issues and recommend workarounds. Please note that a

workaround may not always be possible or feasible. Therefore, we recommend moving to

the re-branded versions of SFC Java API."

With this in mind, I would suggest to plan migrating the custom JSFC consumer to RTSDK Java EMA to benefit from the latest features, highly efficient implementation and API being open source (see on GitHub).

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Hello @Paolo Parlapiano

If the client interested in EMA Java API, the client can check the following resources for more detail and overview: