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EikonRefreshWorkbook giving previous request results


I'm having trouble with automation of EikonRefreshWorkbook. I'm trying to loop through a set of companies to save some summary results. As i do the loop, I watch the data get populated for the company I request, and then a few seconds later the data refreshes to the previous company without me changing the company ID or running any type of refresh. It doesn't do this every time, but seemingly about 75% of the time. Also, it doesn't affect all the TR requests, so, i end up with a company name in a cell request that doesn't match the data in a range request.

This sounds crazy, but happens consistently, but not the same each time i run the loop. sometimes it gets 2 of the 6 companies right, sometimes it gets 3 right, sometimes 1 and usually different ones.

I'm sure this sounds crazy, but maybe someone knows something I don't.

the 3 requests i'm running are:

1) =TR(C1,"TR.CommonName")

2) =TR($C$1,"TR.InvestorFullName;TR.InvestorAddrCity;TR.InvestorRegion;TR.TotalEquityAssets;TR.InvParentType;TR.InvestorType;TR.InvInvestmentStyleCode;TR.InvInvmtOrientation;TR.OwnTrnverRating;TR.FilingType;TR.HoldingsDate;TR.SharesHeld","SDate=#1 CH=Fd"&" RH=investorpermid SORTD=TR.SharesHeld NULL=-",A4:M25000,$E$1,$G$1)

and then on a second tab

3) =TR($C$1,"TR.FundPortfolioName;TR.FundParentName;TR.FundTotalEquityAssets;TR.FundInvtStyleCode;TR.FundInvtOrientation;TR.FundTurnoverRating;TR.FundFilingType;TR.FundHoldingsDate;TR.FundAsRepShrsHeld;TR.FundAdjShrsHeld","SDATE=#1 CH=Fd RH=investorpermid SORTD=TR.FundAdjShrsHeld NULL=-",A4:K25000,$E$1,$G$1)

where C1 contains the ISIN e.g. NL0000009165

E1 contains the quarter e.g. 2QCY2021

G1 contains the currency e.g. USD

(note that i've tried this synchonously and asychronously, also with manual calc and automatic calc mode and have trouble with all of them, but here i'm referring to the Excel automatic refresh and the synchronous retrieval command.)

thanks much for any comments or suggestions.

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1 Answer

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Hello @schiedermayer.brett

The Eikon team is trying to replicate the issue in their environment but the issue does not occur. The team needs the following information to investigate the issue.

  1. Eikon version
  2. MS Office/Excel version
  3. Example workbook file that encounters the problem
  4. Replication steps
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