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Migration to Windows 64 Bits for .COM API

Hi team,

One of my client has developped its own applications within Microsoft Access, leveraging our .COM libraries to pull out a wide range of data type and functionalities:

  • AdfinX Real Time
  • Dex 2
  • Research
  • AdfinX Analytics
  • EikonDesktopDataAPI

They are currently working on Windows 8 - 32 Bits and office 32 Bits and have to migrate to Windows 10 and Office 64 Bits (mandatory IT policy).

Given the work already done and the number of applications running on Access and fed by our data or using the Adfin functions, the client cannot migrate its application into another language like .NET or Python (especially as some the functions he uses cannot be found on those libraries such as RSearch, RtContribute or Adfin calculation functions).

He would like to know if :

-By moving to Windows 10 with Office 64 Bits its applications will still be running (Even if they are only working 32 bits and not leveraging the 64 Bits of Office/Windows)?

-If everything will stop working ?

On top of that they would like to know if :

-If they can stop using EikonDesktopDataAPI and use something similar to the DLL PLVbaApi to login to the platform more easily and if so how

-In last resort what would be our solution to code those applications again knowing that they need RtContribute, RSearch and Adfin functions in their code ?

Thanks for your help

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There are two Eikon COM APIs:

The COM APIs for use in custom applications should work fine on Windows 64 bit because Windows 64 bit is able to run 32-bit applications.

For COM APIs for use in Microsoft Office, I found that Eikon has provided 64bit COM objects, such as DEX2, RSearch, and RHistory. Typically, those DLLs are in the bin (x64) directory in Eikon.

However, I am unable to find the 64bit DLL of the AdfinX Real-Time Library (rtx.dll) which is required by tutorials 1 to 5.

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