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PermID: Entity search for currency spot and cross pairs


New here and new to PermID, so please feel free to redirect as necessary :)

I've been investigating use of PermID, and have been using the Entity Search UI for my initial investigations; however I'm really struggling to find PermIDs for currency spot and cross pairs (e.g. NOK=, NOKUSD=).

If I've understood the hierarchy correctly these should be "Instruments".

So, questions:

i) Does PermID provide support for Currency pairs in this way, or is there another API that I should be using?

ii) If PermID does support them, is there a level of (paid?) access I need to "find" them?

Thanks in advance


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According to the Open PermID FAQ page, the Open PermID supports Equity. It doesn't support currency spot rates.

If you would like to find PermIDs of FX RICs, you can use the RDP search API.

For example:

I used the following request with the search endpoint: (

  "View": "SearchAll",
  "Scope": "RIC",
  "Terms": "THB=,NOK=",
  "Select": "DocumentTitle,PermID,RIC"

The output is:

  "Matches": {
    "THB=": {
      "DocumentTitle": "US Dollar/Thai Baht FX Spot Rate, FX Spot Rate, REFINITIV",
      "PermID": "55846414846",
      "RIC": "THB="
    "NOK=": {
      "DocumentTitle": "US Dollar/Norwegian Krone FX Spot Rate, FX Spot Rate, REFINITIV",
      "PermID": "55846373690",
      "RIC": "NOK="

For more information, please refer to the following resources:

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@Jirapongse Thanks for prompt response.

I've revisited the FAQ and my interpretation is different; see especially the "What content is included in our Open Data?" section, as follows:

"we currently expose PermIDs, metadata, and relationships for organizations, equity instruments, quotes, currencies, asset classes, our TRBC Industry Scheme, and other entities and objects"

and also the "What kinds of entities are supported?" which sets out Currency and Quote details explicitly. I certainly don't read this as "Equity only".

Irrespective, are the RDP APIs "open" or part of paid for services? As far as I can see they are subscription based i.e. paid for.

In summary, I think the position here is:

  1. Currency spots have PermIDs
  2. Currency spot PermIDs are not available from Open PermID ( either via search or lookup of a known ID
  3. Access to Currency spot PermID requires a Refinitiv subscription (via the RDP API or potentially other Refinitiv APIs)

Is that a fair summary?

Thanks in advance


The summary is correct.

RDP is a paid service.

Thanks for this.

On reflection, I find the FAQ misleading, and suggest it is updated to reflect the "Equity only" focus which you have clarified above.

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