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What is the ID retrieved in the API?


Using the following two fields: ['TR.InvestorFullName.investorid','TR.InvestorFullName'], I may get as ID "2928306", corresponding to "Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc".

If I try to use ek.get_data() with 'TR.ISIN' for the ID above then I get no match.

If I try to use ek.get_symbology() I have the same issue.

(For the complete list of investors I get only very few positive results..and they seem to be completely wrong, e.g. the Investor ID "2003672" leads to a Chinese bond)

So what is this Investor ID that is retrieved in this first step? I want to receive the ISIN for the Investor ID.


After getting the Perm ID ('TR.InvestorFullName.investorpermid'), I now have the second problem that for some reason only very few instruments/PermIDs generate an output when searching for ['TR.ISIN','TR.RIC'].

Instrument ISIN RIC

0 5000000933 JP3902900004 8306.T

1 4297836130

2 4297651992

3 5000001144

4 4296477482

Searching manually for the other Perm IDs works perfectly fine, though.



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Hi @BQXQ ,

What if you use TR.InvestorFullName.investorpermid instead ofTR.InvestorFullName.investorid as I don't see investor id as a method under symbology requests neither for ek.get_symbology nor in rd symbol conversion.

df = rd.get_data('8306.T', fields =  ['TR.InvestorFullName', 'TR.InvestorFullName.investorpermid'])


The you can use rd symbol conversion below to convert perm id to ISIN/RIC as below:

import refinitiv.data as rd
from refinitiv.data.discovery import convert_symbols
response = convert_symbols(
    # to_symbol_types=[SymbolTypes.RIC, SymbolTypes.TICKER_SYMBOL],


The reason I am asking you to use our latest RD Libraries instead of eikon is because it doesn't seem permid is supported under ek.get_symbology() I am afraid.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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Hi Kaykaz,

I've tried using the RDP as you've suggested. It also generates only very few results. I've pasted a list of 300 PermIDs and only got output for 58. And only 19 of those got an ISIN. Just 9 got a TickerSymbol.

The list of PermIDs comes from 'TR.InvestorFullName.investorpermid' for 'MS.N'. (which was the example I also used for my original post)

Also, the RDP outputs seem odd, as they generate results such as loands or bonds in the "DocumentTitle" column (albeit for the issuing correct entity it seems).



Hi @BQXQ ,

This is related more to the content and our Helpdesk is better equipped to answer content related question. I would advice reaching out them MyRefinitiv.

You can let them know that we verify the code and the workflow you are using to get the data and your question is about the content or absence (in case of ISINs/ticker) of it. I am sure they will a clarification for

Best regards,


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