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Proper symbols for retrieving financial/market data - Inactive/Active Company Status

Good day,

1) What are the correct symbol to enter in python for searching financial and market data?

We need to retrieve market capitalization, total liabilities, current liabilities, stock prices, number of shares outstanding, company status, Change Status Date.

In most of the cases, RIC symbols do not provide any data and we have to apply the extension "^" (e.g. ^C16) or to rule out the last letter (e.g. from CC.N to CC).

In other cases, we are not able to find data even by changing the symbol used.

Could you please tell us what are the proper symbols to use? Is there any univocal way to inquiry by symbols on Eikon API?

2) Could you please tell us which is the proper variable to use in Eikon API for taking the Company Status and the Change Status Date?

We stated that TR.OrganizationStatusCode does not provide a correct (real) result.

As you can see in the printscreen, OrganizationStatusCode considers Company Noranda Aluminum as Active (Act.) but actually it got bankruptcy more than one year ago. Also Company Readcrest Capital is considered as Active, but actually it dissolved almost one year ago.

We found an other variable in Eikon API, "AssetStatus", which perhaps better describe the Company Status: unfortunately, it is just available for few Companies.

That said, we need a variable showing the correct Company Status and the Change Status Date as well.

Here below a part of the Python code used for retrieving data:

import eikon as ek

import itertools

import json

import collections

import datetime



# quarter

fields1 = [ek.TR_Field('TR.TotalLiabilities.date'),ek.TR_Field('TR.TotalCurrLiabilities',{'Scale': 0, 'Curn': 'USD','ConsolBasis':'Consolidated','ReportingState':'Orig'}),ek.TR_Field('TR.TotalLiabilities',{'Scale': 0, 'Curn': 'USD'})]

params1 = {"SDate":"2014-12-27","EDate":"2017-04-01","FRQ":"FI",'Period':'FI0'}

req1 = ek.get_data(ticker,fields1,params1,raw_output=True)

# daily

fields2 = [ek.TR_Field('TR.TtlCmnSharesOut',{'RollPeriods':'False'}),ek.TR_Field('TR.TtlPreferredSharesOut',{'RollPeriods':'False'}),ek.TR_Field('TR.CompanyMarketCap.date'),ek.TR_Field('TR.CompanyMarketCap',{'Scale': 0, 'Curn': 'USD','ShType':'OUT'}),ek.TR_Field('TR.PriceClose',{'Scale': 0,'Curn': 'USD','Lag':'0D'}),ek.TR_Field('TR.PriceClose.date')]

params2 = {"SDate":"2014-12-27","EDate":"2017-04-01","FRQ":"D"}

req2 = ek.get_data(ticker,fields2,params2,raw_output=True)

# status

fields3 = [ek.TR_Field('TR.ISINCode'),ek.TR_Field('TR.OrganizationStatusCode')]

params3 = {"SDate":"2017-10-01","EDate":"2017-12-01","FRQ":"D"}

req3 = ek.get_data(ticker,fields3,params3,raw_output=True)

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1 Answer

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Try TR.OrganizationStatusCode. You can get a full list of available fields with the Data Item Browser app (DIB) on Thomson Reuters Eikon. For example, type AAPL.O DIB in to the Eikon command bar.

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We already tried TR.Organization Status Code, and in most of the cases it does not provide any information.

We also tried Equity Status (in datastream) and it gave an even worst result (e.g. philip morris -> status "Dead" (??) )

Is there any other variable indicating the status and the date status change?

Thank you!


Apologies for the delay! To make sure someone responds to your question, please tag your counterpart with the @ sign.

As for your question, I suggest that you should contact Thomson Reuters Support Desk with this directly, as this seems like a content related issue. I would also recommend asking them for help in Eikon Excel first and then replicate the solution in the API either yourself or with my help.

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