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Trading currency for delisted and active rics (or exchange)


could you tell a field that can return trading currency for both delisted and active stocks?

Next example with field 'CF_CURR' from printscreen don't work properly:

Or maybe, there is another way how to know currency: getting first exchange code or country, and then retrieve currency for the exchange?


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1 Answer

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Try TR.PriceClose.currency:

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Great! Thanks!

I am loading data on TR.TotalReturn, apparently it can be pulled only in some default currency. I am trying to find out which currency for each id of interest. TR.TotalReturn.currency does not work. I have tried your suggestion:

> get_data("B0VKMC4", 'TR.PriceClose.currency')
  Instrument Currency
1    B0VKMC4      EUR

But then I also get

> get_data("B0VKMC4", 'TR.FundCurrency')
  Instrument Currency
1    B0VKMC4 USDollar

Is there any way of knowing what TotalReturn's are measured in?

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This fund invests in USD bonds. The NAV is calculated in USD and this is what the TR.FundCurrency represents. The fund is listed on European exchanges where it's traded in EUR. The price source for total return calculation is the exchange, so the currency of TR.TotalReturn is the same as the currency of TR.PriceClose.

In this particular case by eye-balling I see the total returns are in EUR.

In the past, I have used


Is there something that works reliably for all types of securities? Is it


On a related note: it there a way to find what units VOLUME is in? I understand it to be exchange dependent...