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How to retrieve different Peer Sets and fields?

I would like to access the full data provided by the Peer Sets Manager in the Eikon Terminal through the API.

I am unable to find any useful information through the Data Explorer.

I have read the following posts:

From which I have learnt that 'PEERS("AAPL.O")' can be passed as the instruments argument to the get_data() function. The full query:

ek.get_data(f'PEERS("AAPL.O")', ['TR.CompanyName', 'TR.OrganizationID'])

seems to return the Starmine Peers from the Eikon Terminal.

I have two questions:

  1. How can I also retrieve (alongside TR.CompanyName etc) the fields shown in the Terminal such as Analyst Coverage Overlap? (blue in the image below)
  2. How can I change which Peer Set is returned? In the Terminal I can choose between "Starmine Peers", "Related Companies", "Industry / Geography" (red in the image below)

Many thanks for any help,


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Hi @oli

Quick question, how do you launch PEER SET MANAGER app on Eikon Deskotp ?

I would like to try to see the app and data it is showing.


Hi @chavalit.jintamalit, I am not an experienced user of Eikon Desktop. I launch the PEER SET MANAGER by searching for the Business Info for Apple "AAPL.O BUS" and then selecting "Peer Analysis" from the "Peers & Valuation" tab. Finally I get to the PEER SET MANAGER by selecting "Edit Peers" (which is a blue button for me). Let me know if that doesn't make sense! Thanks!

I can see the same screen now.

Will try to see if the data is available via API.


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You're right, PEERS(AAPL.O) expression retrieves the Starmine set of peers. I'm not aware of any way to change the universe from which the list of peers is drawn using PEERS(AAPL.O) expression. You may want to verify this with Refinitiv Helpdesk by asking them if there's a way to retrieve say peers from Related Companies using =TR function in Excel. If indeed there's a way to do this, then you should be able to use the same expression in Eikon Data APIs.
When you customize the set of peers for AAPL.O using Peer Sets Manager, this customization should be reflected the next time you retrieve peers for this company using PEERS(AAPL.O) expression.
You could use Screener to set up your own criteria such as economic sector, geography, range of market cap or revenue for selecting peers from the universe of all public companies.
The only way I can think of to create the Analyst Coverage Overlap using Eikon Data APIs is to retrieve the list of analysts covering each company and calculate the overlap between the lists using say the value of TR.AnalystUID as unique key identifying the analyst.

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