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Get Target RIC for Demerger from DataScope Select


When retrieving corporate action details for Demergers, is there a way to get the target RIC for a given action? You can retrieve the details within the 'Corporate Action Notes' column, but that requires parsing the entire paragraph of text.

For example, on 06/03/2019 DUPONT DE NMOURS (DD.N) had a Demerger of:

".33333333 of a share of Corteva Inc per one share of DowDuPont Inc. Due bills attached 23 May 2019 and redeemable beginning 4 June 2019."

However, I was unable to find a column which corresponded to the RIC or other identifier of Corteva. I may be missing a column, but I've tried all the different 'ID' fields with no luck.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @gabriel31,

This question is a content query which should be answered/confirmed by content expert by opening support a case on myRefinitiv. This forum is best suited for API related questions and discussions.

Anyway, I have found that the "Capital Change New Security ISIN" field can provide the ISIN of Corteva, US22052L1044.

            "IdentifierType": "Ric",
            "Identifier": "DD.N",
            "Corporate Actions Type": "CAP",
            "Corporate Action Notes": ".33333333 of a share of Corteva Inc per one share of DowDuPont Inc. Due bills attached 23 May 2019 and redeemable beginning 4 June 2019.",
            "Capital Change Event Type Description": "Demerger (DEM)",
            "Capital Change New Security ISIN": "US22052L1044",

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. That helps. Just a quick follow-up, is there a field that does not require third-party licensing?

Future questions, I'll add to myRefinitiv.

Additionally, Is there a way to get the RIC of Corteva in this scenario?

I have found the "Capital Change New Security PILC" field which provides Primary Issue Level Code (PILC) of Corteva (176731833). According to the Data Content Guide, the field doesn't require additional licensing. However, I'm not able to find a way to convert the PILC to RIC.

With regard to converting ISIN to RIC, you can see this article.


Hi Gabriel,

Looking at how the data is represented with the GUI may help here, ie. the Corporate Actions tab for RIC: DD.N: Looks like what you need is in " Target RIC" as a "Mergers & Acquisition" Corax request.

Best regards,


ONDEMAND_CORAX_MAA_EXAMPLE.txtTry this POST attached to: - it should provide the last event from M&A event: