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Further documentation on TRDPRC_1 and related formulas.


I would like to know where I can find a deeper description on TRDPRC_1. I'm aware, according to the Item Data Browser info, that related factors to TRDPRC_1 are SALTIM (which gives you time of such trade) and TRADE_DATE (which gives you the date of such trade, complementing the info of SALTIM).

Do you have documentation files or links that expands on the relationship of these 3 formulas (TRDPRC_1, SALTIM and TRADE_DATE)? Is just to get a bit more of a confirmation.

Also, how different is CF_LAST from TRDPRC_1? They both sound like they are the same.

Thanks for your valuable assistance!

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1 Answer

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Hi @aquilesjlp300

For content question such as field explanation, field behavior or relationship between fields, please contact Refinitiv Content Helpdesk at

how different is CF_LAST from TRDPRC_1?

I can explain a little bit that TRDPRC_1 is from realtime database.

In the datafeed before the market open, the datafeed will have a closing run process to clear out all the field.

So TRDPRC_1 is clear out.

But CF_LAST is "Consolidated fields for LAST", there is a logic behind to always look up from the last price for you.

I do not know the exact logic but it is something like if TRDPRC_1 is empty then look at xxx fields.

If xxx field is still empty then look at yyy field.

Here is the sample,

Now, it i s 7:58AM Thailand time so the market has not open yet.

You can see that some pricing realtime data fields are clear out (from closing run process)

You can clarify in more detail with the Refinitiv Content Helpdesk.

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This was useful! Thank you so much.