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Unable to use image ref to download Online Reports images


I am trying to download the new stories images from the online news reports responses retrieved using the RKD API.

I am not able to use the image refs to download the images from the online reports.

For example, this is part of the json response from the API call GetHeadlines_Request_2 on the topic OLCASPORT .

"StoryDate": "20210827T144447+0000",

"Img": {

"Ref": "",

"Title": "FILE PHOTO: Serie A - Udinese v Juventus",

"Date": "20210827T144447+0000"


I extracted the Ref from the Imgs from my responses, added them into the story request body and made an API call GetSummaryByStories_Response_1. Then, from the response, I extracted the BaseRefSecure urI and used that to download the images, but it did not work.

The downloaded images do not correspond to the image file names (as in, the downloaded image file name would be tokyo olympics tennis but the image content would be a picture of Joe Biden) and duplicates are also downloaded.

Any other ways I could download the new stories images?

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Hello @support05

I have tried to replicate the issue with the RKD API - GetSummaryByStories_Request_1 page and the storyId "", but I cannot replicate the same issue.

The content of the given storyId is the Soccer/Football player news and the downloaded images from the response's BaseRefSecure attribute is the image of that player.

rkd-story-ref.pngCould you please share the request-response message that encounters the issue? (Please remove any credentials from the messages before posting).

Alternatively, you may contact the RKD API support team directly via the website to help you verify the issue.


Please choosing the "Refinitiv Knowledge Direct API" product and you may need to give them the following information with the query.

  • Date and Time that the issue occurred
  • Story ID that encountered the issue
  • the URL from BaseRefSecure
  • Your RKD username and Application ID

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