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Search V2 RCS* properties


I am trying to find documentation / description of all the different RCS* (Refinitiv Classification Scheme) properties available in RKD Search V2 (eg. for SearchAll collection). There are many properties containing different code values. Are those (both properties and values) documented anywhere?


  • RCSAssetCategory: A:1L
  • RCSCountryOfIncorporation: G:75
  • RCSTRBC: B:190

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Hello @mhr ,

The vast majority of these codes you should be able to find in My Refinitiv -> Machine Readable News News Codes.

For example:


Oil & Gas Transportation Services (TRBC level 4)Distributors of oil, gas and refined products. Includes operators of pipelines, storage facilities, gas liquefaction and re-gasification plants, sea-borne tankers, and related services.Business Sector

This document is updated periodically as new news codes become available in Machine Readable News ( see also NewsCodesDifferences for the list of the latest updates). However, RDP Search is currently early access and tends to be very dynamic, so if the code is not there and you require to understand the code urgently, as a customer, would suggest to contact Refinitiv content experts directly, either online via Refinitiv Helpdesk Online -> Content -> RDP News or calling your local Refinitiv Helpdesk number and being routed to the appropriate content expert.

If you are looking for a ballpark understanding for the few that are not documented (a.k.a. developer guess :)), usually the doc will give you a good clue, for the example of "A:1L" at hand:

A:1 is Equities, and all other A:-numbered and number-lettered denote equity Asset Classes. With A:1M being "Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities", A:1L should be some type of equity asset class, and with L would guess it for a flavor of a Loan.

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