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Elekron Tender information via api


I was wondering if anyone knows is it possible to get from Elektron api tender information similiar to what we can get from eikon terminal via email

This is a sample of data we get from eikon email below:


Asia Gasoil/Jet Fuel Tender Summary-SOMO seeks kerosene - Reuters News

07-Oct-2016 06:35:10

(Amends SOMO tender)

Oct 7 (Reuters) - For spot tender news stories, click HOIL-O/TEND-O For Naphtha tenders: NAP/TENDA Gasoline MOG/TENDA Fuel Oil FUEL/TENDA



*SOMO BUY: kerosene 144KT Nov-Jan Oct 13 (Oct 23)

Ceypetco BUY: gasoil 500ppm 120KB+

jet fuel 192KB Nov 13-14 Oct 11 (Oct 14)

Tasweeq SELL: GTL jet fuel 40KT Nov 22-26

SELL: jet fuel 40KT Nov 21-27 Oct 18 (Oct 19)

MRPL SELL: jet fuel 40KT Nov 25-27 Oct 12 (Oct 13)

CPC SELL: gasoil 500ppm 300KB +

gasoil 10ppm 120KB Nov 1-30

(Kaohsiung/Taichung) Oct 6 (Oct 7)

Saigon Petro BUY: gasoil 500ppm 10KT Nov 4-6 (Catlai) Oct 7 (Oct 7)

gasoil 500ppm 10KT Nov 24-27 (Catlai) Oct 7 (Oct 7)

EGPC BUY: gasoil 0.1% 35-37KT Oct 22-24 (Suez)

gasoil 0.5% 40KT Oct 15-17 (Ain Sukhna)

gasoil 0.5% 40KT Oct 24-27 (Ain Sukhna) Oct 10 (Oct 12)

PSO BUY: jet fuel 10KT November Sept 27 (Oct 5)

Ceypetco BUY: gasoil 10ppm 52KB +

gasoline 92RON 255KB Nov 1-2 Oct 4 (Oct 7)

Ceypetco BUY: gasoil 500ppm 217.5KB +

gasoline 95RON 93.5KB Nov 8-9 Oct 4 (Oct 7)

Tanzania BUY: gasoil 50ppm 78-86KT Nov 1-3

78-86KT Nov 16-18

jet fuel + kero 23-25KT Nov 3-5 Sept 29 (Oct 14)

Ceypetco BUY: Jet fuel 960KB (5 lots) Dec 1 to July 31 Sept 22 (Late Oct)

Ceypetco BUY: Gasoil 0.05% 600KB (5 lots) Dec 1 to July 31 Sept 22 (Late Oct)


*Essar Oil SELL: gasoil 500ppm 70KT Nov 3-9 (Vadinar) NA/ME+30-50 cents

*IOC SELL: gasoil 50ppm 40-45KT Oct 21-23 (Paradip) NA

*IOC SELL: gasoil 350ppm 13.5-16.5KT Oct 20-22 (Haldia) NA

*Sinochem SELL: gasoil 10ppm 42KT Nov 2-4 (Quanzhou) NA

IOC SELL: gasoil 0.2% 15.1KT Oct 24-26 (Haldia) NA

IOC SELL: gasoil 350pm 30KT Oct 23-25 (Kandla) NA

Formosa SELL: gasoil 10ppm 720KB Nov 8-12 (Mailiao) Winson Oil/SG+25 cents

Formosa SELL: jet fuel 240KB Nov 1-5 (Mailiao) Vitol/SG-$1

Essar Oil SELL: jet fuel 60KT Nov 5-9 (Vadinar) BP/ME+30-40 cents

Pertamina BUY: gasoil 300ppm 25KB Oct 7-9 (Semarang)


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Hi @steven.knight

I have been advised by our News content specialist that this data is available on Elektron feed by consuming MRN_STORY data which is of the the NEWS_TEXT_ANALYTICS domain type.

We have MRN tutorials on this site for both EMA C++ and EMA Java


EMA C++ MRN Tutorial

I am not a MRN content person, but my understanding is that you would open a streaming request for MRN_STORY, extract and parse the JSON payloads from the MRN_STORY updates. You would then try to match certain tags (e.g. TENDA ?) against one of the JSON fields, in order to identify tender related news stories.

I recommend you contact your TR account team to arrange access to MRN_STORY on your Elektron feed. They can then put you in touch with a MRN content specialist to help you with your requirements.

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Thanks, great news

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