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How do I edit the Screening Case object in Salesforce when the Screening Case record page is locked?

A recent customer question - posting here as it may have value for others.

"I have introduced custom fields to the Screening Case object for use as part of my compliance process; however because the Screening Case object is locked and part of a managed package how can my users update those fields?"

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1 Answer

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This can be achieved a number of ways e.g.

  1. Quick Actions
  2. Flows
  3. Visual Force

The simplest way would be to create a quick action on the screening case page layout which would give users the ability to edit fields that would otherwise remain read only. To achieve this a Salesforce administrator would need to:

  1. Create a new quick action on the Screening Case Object
    1. go to Object Manager tab in Lightning
    2. Select Screening Case object
    3. Select Buttons, Links and Actions
    4. Click New Action
  2. Populate all necessary information
    1. Action Type: Update a Record
    2. Add a Label
    3. Click Save


  3. Customize a Page Layout for the Quick Action
    1. Click Edit Layout
    2. Add the necessary fields on to Page Layout
    3. Click Save


  4. Add Quick Action on Screening Case Page Layout
    1. Within the Screening Case object select Page Layouts
    2. Open Screening Case Layout
    3. Select Mobile & Lightning Actions
    4. Pull the created Quick Action onto the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section of the page layout
    5. Save Page Layout
  5. Test!

Remember the page layout is locked so that users don't accidently overwrite fields that are mastered by the corresponding World-Check One case record. Be careful that you only allow updates to fields that you have created on this object.

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