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State: Closed/Suspect/Timeout - text: "Authentication token has expired."

Our application is connecting successfully, but the connection drops after a little while. It does so systematically when restarted.

The same code works fine for other instances using other machine IDs. I have verified that only this instance use the machineID and I was confirmed that it is dedicated.

Is there a configuration that would disable or interfere with the token refresh?

Here is the output in the log:

2023-02-23 06:18:03,692 ERROR [pool-5-thread-1] | com.refinitiv.ema.access.OmmConsumerImpl | | loggerMsg

ClientName: LoginCallbackClient

Severity: Error

Text: RDMLogin stream was closed with status message

username **********************************************************

usernameType 1

State: Closed/Suspect/Timeout - text: "Authentication token has expired."


2023-02-23 06:18:03,692 WARN [pool-5-thread-1] | com.zerobase.reuters.MonitorConsumerClient | | received status message on monitor: StatusMsg


domain="Login Domain"

state="Closed / Suspect / Timeout / 'Authentication token has expired.'"




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Hi @andre.malenfant,

Which version and language of SDK are you using?

There are couple of things you could try/verify:

  • Have you enabled the session management for this instance? It might be specified in the EMA config file or in your code.
  • Do other machine ID's successfully work on this instance of the code?
  • Do you still have this issue when using this machine ID with example code provided with the SDK?
  • You can also enable the XML log trace from the SDK to see whats happening on the streaming connection.

Since the token access/refresh endpoint is different from the streaming endpoint, is it possible that your firewall or other network component interfere with it. You can also play around with the token reissue ratio configuration paramete and reduce it to 0.5, see if that makes a difference.

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Up to 2 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 512.0 KiB each and 1.0 MiB total.

- Can you direct me to the session management configuration documentation?

-The same code works for other machine IDs

-I cannot test examples on this environment (prod)

-I have the trace enabled, maybe not all, will check that.

Check the EMA Config guide. It is in the docs folder of the SDK. Here is the Java version of this guide -