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Troubleshooting Integration with the Resolution API: Resolving 'NOT FOUND' (404) and 'Bad Request' (400) Errors

Hi Team,

I'm facing an issue when consuming the resolution API. Despite providing all the inputs according to the API documentation, I'm consistently receiving a "NOT FOUND" (404) error at the code level. Interestingly, when I attempt the same API call in POSTMAN, it throws a 400 error.

I've attached a sample of the code used and a screenshot of the POSTMAN error for your reference.

DateTime dateValue = DateTime.UtcNow;
string date = dateValue.ToString("R");
string apikey = "api-key";
string apisecret = "api-secret";
string gatewayurl = "/v2/";
string gatewayhost = "";
string caseid = "5jb8f4kwwiid1io3p60279iql";
string requestendpoint = ""+ caseid + "/results/resolution";

string statusid = "5jb6u6iwkglj1i8ffosan21p5"; // took this value from groups/{ {group-id}}/resolutionToolkit - statuses
string riskId = "5jb6u6iwkglj1i8ffosan21os"; // took this value from groups/{ {group-id}}/resolutionToolkit - risks
string reasonId = "5jb6u6iwkglj1i8ffosan21op"; // took this value from groups/{ {group-id}}/resolutionToolkit - reasons
string resolutionRemark = "test resolution";
string resultIds = "5jb7l7a1ekas1io3p6216axn8";

string signUrl = "cases/" + caseid + "/results/resolution";
string postData = "{\"statusId\":\""+ statusid + "\",\"riskId\":\""+ riskId + "\",\"reasonId\":\""+ reasonId + "\",\"resolutionRemark\":\""+ resolutionRemark + "\",\"resultIds\":[\""+ resultIds + "\"]}";
string msg = postData;
UTF8Encoding encoding = new UTF8Encoding();
byte[] byte1 = encoding.GetBytes(postData);

string dataToSign = "(request-target): post " + gatewayurl + signUrl + "\n" +
"host: " + gatewayhost + "\n" + // no https only the host name
"date: " + date + "\n" + // GMT date as a string
"content-type: " + "application/json" + "\n" +
"content-length: " + byte1.Length + "\n" +

string hmac = generateAuthHeader(dataToSign, apisecret);

string authorisation = "Signature keyId=\"" + apikey + "\",algorithm=\"hmac-sha256\",headers=\"(request-target) host date content-type content-length\",signature=\"" + hmac + "\"";

resolveResponse responseValue = new resolveResponse();

using (HttpClient client = new HttpClient())
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Authorization", authorisation);
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Cache-Control", "no-cache");

ByteArrayContent content = new ByteArrayContent(byte1);
content.Headers.ContentType = new System.Net.Http.Headers.MediaTypeHeaderValue("application/json");

HttpRequestMessage request = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Post, requestendpoint);
request.Headers.Add("Date", dateValue.ToString("r"));
request.Content = content;

HttpResponseMessage response = await client.SendAsync(request);

var body = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
catch (Exception ex)
Console.WriteLine(ex.Message + Environment.NewLine + ex.StackTrace);


Can you please help me find a solution?

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First, start by checking that the user has case resolve permissions in the WebUI.

It’s important to ensure that all your requests work in Postman if you are having any issues. The 400 bad request is likely due to some error in the body.

Please check these items in Postman and let us know if you have any issues:

  1. Ensure that the RiskID is correctly matched to the ReasonID and that the ReasonID is correctly matched to the StatusID - Review the Resolution Rules
  2. Ensure that when calling the Resolution toolkit, you are using the correct GroupID
  3. Ensure you are using SystemCaseID and not CaseID in the URL
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Thank you. The problem has been resolved following the correction of point number 1.

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