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Need to fech 1.Company NEWS from Archive 2.Company News Sentiments 3.Market Psyche index

Hi team is there any java code examples to fetch above contents.

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Hello @artistgaurav14,

We offer effective ways to access all this content. The first step is to accertain that you have the products and permissions that are necessary, than proceed to Java API access.

The best way to learn about the required products is logging into, in in Products section, search for "News Archive", "News Sentiment", "Market Psych".

As you are registered with a private email, so moderators can not tell, what organization you are with and hekp based on the products that you have.

If you know that you have the required products and permissions for MRN on Elektron, that is sufficient, if you do not, pelase contact Refinitiv sales team to discuss, if you are not sure, get in touch with your Refinitiv account team and confirm.

1. New Archive is not part of Elektron, is a product, is accessible via FTP.

So generic examples of FTP access are available via google search, for example

2. News Sentiments are part of Machine Readable News. If your Elektron service is permissioned for MRN, you will be able to access MRN via API, including Java, on this dev portal we offer Java MRN examples and MRN tutorials in several API families, the least time and effort to learn and to code in is EMA

EMA MRN Decoding Tutorial

Additional Java examples

3. Market Psych Indices offering is part of News Feed Direct:


If you have the product it comes with:

"Sample code (Java C++ and C#) illustrating how to connect to News Feed Direct"

I hope this answer is of help.

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