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UpdateMsg field name differs from spec


We noticed that some field names being returned from our queries have different field names when compared to the refinitiv model.


FieldEntry fid="12963" name="PRE_1ET262" dataType="Enum" value="10"

When cross-refrenced to the refinitiv model and data dictionary it is called DCNT_BAS1

Any particular reason why the name differs?

The UPA server Im connecting have this version

UPA server component version: ads2.6.2.E1.linux.tis 64-bit

No idea if the version is relevant.

Many thanks

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Hi @kc_1905

If your application is downloading the dictionary from the server (which is the default), then this means the data dictionary files on the ADS server are out of date

For example if I look at a dictionary version Version 4.20.21_TREP_15.91 from 2015 then FID 12963 is defined as PRE_1ET262

But if I look at a data dictionary file from 2018 then 12963 is defined as DCNT_BAS1

Please ask your market data team to update their ADS and ADH to more recent versions of the data dictionary files RDMFieldDictionary and enumtype.def

If however, you are using local data dictionary files - then your local files are out of date.

New versions of Data dictionary files are released several times a year and your Market Data team should be updated their ADH + ADS component dictionaries on a regular basis.

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is there a way via EMA API to check what dictionary version the server is sending? We are not using local dictionary files so Im sure the server is sending outdated files.

Many thanks for the swift response.

Managed to find out the version the server is using by sending a Dictionary Request Msg

Good example to use for reference is


from EMA github

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Very good question and it comes down to the version of the field list you are using.

To be a bit more flexible and *hopefully* speedier to market when we need to create new fields on our Realtime network we have a number of predefined fields available. These are created using the prefix PRE* followed by text to describe the type of field.

When we have a need to use that field for a particular piece of data that we havent come across before then we rename the field to describe the content we are then using the field for.

In this case field 12963 has been renamed to reflect it is now being used for the Discount basis for a bond.

I am not quite sure when this field was renamed but it effectively means you are not on the latest version of the data field list (sometimes known as appendix a or RDMD). To get this file updated will depend on your infrastrecuture as to whether it is managed locally at your site or with us so you may need to log a query.

Generally we recommend to use the field number in coding if possible as that never changes.

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