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Option chain RIC from underlying RIC


Is there an easy way to get the option chain RICs from the underlying RIC without infering them? Indeed, it is often the case that the Rics are not related, e.g. ABC.AS is the underlying RIC and 0#YZX*.E is the option chain RIC..

Using DIB I see that there are no fields that we could directly use. The META app seems to contain this information under "Related". Is there a way to extract data from the META app in the API?

Thank you

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When I use the field "OPTIONS" then it doesn't work for all RICs, see for example "GOOGL.O"

I would also be interested in the answer as I would like to retrieve the forecasted dividends shown in META . The function to find the field exists in VBA under oXma.General.MiscUtilities.GetRicRules.

I just can't believe that there is no way to get related instruments like options, CDS etc...of an underlying in a reliable way without having to guess.....It seems trivial to me that one should be able to find the correct options for an underlying

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Hello @melvin.kian,

In my best understanding of the question, it is about content. It's on symbology, you are trying to identify the options chain RIC from an underlying RIC.

The members of the developers community and the moderators of the forum may have some understanding of the content involved. We aim to answer the question if our answer can be of help.

However, the in-depth understanding of specific content requires the knowledge of an expert in that content area. As our customer, you can tap this expertise by opening a case via Content Helpdesk Online or calling your local Refinitiv support number. The option to pick is ' i need help identifying content".

Please let us know if you are able to proceed toward this solution, or would like us to open a support case on your behalf?



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