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How can I get the RICs for a list of Tickers?


how can I get the RICs for a list of tickers, so that I can work with get_timeseries?

I have seen this related post:

What is the best practice today to find out the RICs?

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The thread you referenced is quite old and the answer it provides is outdated. I would recommend using the lookup capability in RDP Library. See examples here and here. Note that stock tickers are not globally unique, so to unambiguously resolve a stock ticker and convert it to a RIC you need to provide additional criteria, for example exchange or exchange country. For German stocks you could use

           filter="ExchangeCountry eq 'DEU'", 
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Hi and thank you for your answer. Luckily I do have the exchange and exchange country information. However, this raises the question again how for example "Exchange Country" is defined in the REFINITIV universe. For example, you mentioned German stocks, and the string passed to the filter is "DEU" instead of for example "GER"... Is there any kind of list/documention or something else?

For a good intro to RDP Search service see the article titled Building Search into your Application Workflow. The documentation for RDP Search service is available from the Reference tab on the Search API page on API Playground. Navigate to, sign in using your Eikon credentials, then navigate to /discovery/search/v1/lookup endpoint and click on Reference tab.

Thank you very much for your answer. Is there any kind of place where I could turn in for practical help with all of the programming part? Im just a student and a little bit overwhelmed by the steps getting from Ticker to RICs. It should be a simple task for someone that has experience I guess? Any suggestion where I can find practical (paid?) help with this?
I'm afraid Refinitiv does not offer such a service, and I'm not in a position to suggest any 3rd parties that may offer consulting services with Refinitiv APIs. My suggestion is that you use the simple example I provided. And if you have any specific questions, you can post them on this forum. To get the most useful answer from the forum, describe your use case in as much detail as is practical.