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How to find the list with the exchange for which the suffix of a RIC stands for?

I have a list of RICs belonging to the same ISIN. However, I do not know to which exchange each ric belongs to.

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This took me a bit to find, so I'll share. 
You can get it from the Eikon terminal:

.A       AOE      NYSE American(Options)       United States          
.A       ASE      NYSE American(Equities)      United States          
         BCC      Mercado a Término de Buenos  Argentina              
.AD      ABD      Abu Dhabi Securities Exch    UAE                    
.ALP     ALP      Alpha Trading Systems        Canada (Toronto)       
.ALV     ALV      Alpha Trading Systems        Canada (Ventures)      
.AM      AMM      Amman SE                     Jordan                 
.APX     APX      APX Netherlands              Netherlands           
.AS      AEX      Euronext Amsterdam           Netherlands           
.AT      ATH/ADE  Athens SE/Derivative         Greece                 
         CGH      CEGH Gas Exch Wienerboerse   Austria                
.AUX     AUX      Australia Consolidated       Australia           
.AX      ASX      Australian SE                Australia              
.AXP     AXP      ASX Pure Match               Australia              
.AZ      BAE      Baku Stock Exchange          Azerbaijan             
.b       BFX      Brussels Deriv Exchange      Belgium               
.B       BOS      Boston SE                    United States          
         BMF      BM&F - Bolsa de Mercadorias  Brazil              
.B       BOX      Boston Options Exchange      United States         
.BA      BUE      Buenos Aires                 Argentina              
.BB      BLG      Bulgarian SE                 Bulgaria               
.BC      BAR      Barcelona SE                 Spain                 
.BCO     BCO      BATS CHI-X OTC               United Kingdom         
=BCS     BCS      Belarus Currency and SE      Belarus                
.BD      BUR      Burgundy MTF                 Nordic Region        
.BE      BER      Berlin SE                    Germany                
.BEL     BEL      Belgrade Stock Exchange      Serbia                 
.BFC     TLX      Baltic Fund Market     Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania   
.BH      BAH      Bahrain Bourse               Bahrain                
.BI      BIL      Bilbao SE                    Spain                    
.BJ      BNL      Banja Luka SE             Bosnia & Herzegovina      
.BK      SET      Thailand SE                  Thailand               
.BN      BRN      Berne SE                     Switzerland            
.BO      BSE      Bombay SE                    India                  
.BR      BRU      Euronext Brussels            Belgium               
.BRQ     BUH      RASDAQ Listed/RSQ Traded     Romania                
.BS      BTE      BATS Europe                  United Kingdom         
.BSX     BSX      Bermuda Stock Exchange       Bermuda                 
.BT      BSM      Botswana SE                  Botswana               
.BU      BUD      Budapest SE                  Hungary                
.BV      BRA      Bratislava SE                Slovakia               
.BX      BUH      Bucharest SE                 Romania                
.BY      BDB      Beirut SE                    Lebanon                
.C       CIN      NYSE National                United States          
.C       LCC      NYSE National For NASDAQ LC  United States          
.CA      CAI      Egyptian SE                  Egypt                  
         WPG      ICE Futures                  Canada                 
.CAB     CAQ      Canadian BBO Direct          Canada                
.CCP     CAQ      Canadian BBO Direct          Canada                
.CD      CNQ      CNSX-Canadian National       Canada                 
.CE      BEC      Electronic Exchange          Chile                  
.CH      CISX     Channel Islands SE           United Kingdom         
         SHF      Shanghai Futures Exchange    China                  
         ZHC      Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange China                  
         DLC      Dalian Commodity Exchange    China                  
         SGE      Shanghai Gold Exchange       China                  
         CFX      China Financial Fut Exch     China                 
.CHA     CHA      Chi-X AUS Securities Exch    Australia              
.CHI     CHI      CHI-X Europe                 United Kingdom        
.CI      ABJ      BRVM Ivory                   Coast                  
.CJ      CRI      COSTA RICA SE                Costa Rica            
.CJ      CRI      Bolsa de Valores Nacional,SA Costa Rica             
.CJ1     CHT      Chittagong SE                Bangladesh             
.CL      CAL      Calcutta SE                  India                  
.CM      CSE      Colombo SE                   Lanka                  
.CN      COL      Colombia SE                  Colombia               
.CO      CPH      Copenhagen SE                Denmark                
.CR      CCS      Caracas SE                   Venezuela              
.CS      CAS      Casablanca SE                Morocco                
.CSX     CSX      Cayman Island Stock Exchange United Kingdom         
.CT      CT1      Ceto OTC Regulated Market    Poland                 
.CXC     CXC      NASDAQ CX                    Canada                 
.CXX     CXX      NASDAQ CX2                   Canada                
.CY      CYS      Cyprus SE                    Cyprus                 
.D       DUS      RWB Germany                  Germany                
.DE      GER      Xetra Germany                Germany               
.DF      ADF      NASDAQ ADF                   United States          
.DG      GCD      Direct Edge Holdings EDGX    United States                    
.DH      DSE      Dhaka Stock Exchange         Bangladesh             
.DI      DIX      Nasdaq Dubai(ex-DIFX)        UAE                    
.DL      DES      Delhi Stock                  India                  
=DM      MTS      MTSGermany Germany           Germany                 
=DN      MTS      MTSDenmark Denmark           Denmark                 
=DP      BAR      Barcelona SE                 SPAIN                 
.DS      DSX      Damascus Stock Exchange      Taiwan                 
.DU      DBX      Dubai Financial              UAE                    
.DY      GDA      Direct Edge Holdings         United States                    
.E       EOE/AEX  AEX-Options & Futures        Netherlands           
         PXE      Power Exchange CentralEurope Europe                 
         CEU      CME Europe (CEU)             EUROPE               
.EA      EDX      European Derivative          UK                   
=EC      MTE      EuroCredit MTS               ITALY                   
.ED      EQD      Equiduct UK                  UK                  
EDX      TUD      Turquise DerivsExch(EDX LON) United States         
.EI      IEX      Investors Exchange           United States         
=EM      MTE      EuroMTS ITALY                ITALY                   
.ES      FDI      Spainish Investment Funds    SPAIN                 
=ES      MTS      MTSSpain Spain               Spain                   
-ETS     EET      Eurasian Trading System(ETS) Kazakhstan             
.EW      EWX      Euwax Germany                Germany               
.EX      EUX      Eurex Deutschland            Germany               
.EX      EUX      Eurex Switzerland            Switzerland            
.F       FRA      Frankfurt SE                 Germany                
=FL      MTS      MTSFinland Finland           Finland                 
=FN      MRF      SENAF Spain                  Spain                 
.FN      STO      OMX First North              Syria                    
.FU      FKA      Fukuoka SE                   Japan                  
.FX      TFX      Thailand Futures             Thailand               
         EEX      European Energy Exchange     Germany               
.GG      BKG      Bank of                      Greece                 
.GH      GSE      Ghana SE                     Ghana                  
.GK      MTF      MTSGreece Greece             Greece                  
         OMX      Global Market(Large Cap)     Global                           
.GO      PTX      Pure Trading                 Canada                 
.GQ      GYQ      BOLSA DE                     Ecuador                
         GTQ      Bolsa de Valores Nacional S.AGuatemala              
.H       HAM      Hamburg SE                   Germany                
.h       FOM      Finnish Options Market       Finland                
.HA      HAN      Hanover SE                   Germany                
.HE      HEX      Helsinki SE                  Finland                
.HF      HFE      Hong Kong Futures Exchange   Hong Kong              
.HK      HKG      Hong Kong                    Hong                    
         H S I    Hang Seng Index Limited      Hong Kong              
.HM      HSX      Hochiminh S                  Vietnam                
.HN      HNX      Hanoi Stock Exchange         Vietnam                
.HNO     UPC      Unlisted Public Comp Mrkt    Vietnam                
=HT      HMT      Hi-Mtf Sim S.p.A.            Italy                  
         HPX      Hungarian Power Exchange     Hungary                
.HW      BHX      Bahrain Financial Exchange   Bahrain                
.I       ISE      Irish SE                     Ireland                
.i       MRV      MEFF (Renta Variable)        Spain                  
.IC      ICX      Iceland SE                   Iceland                
=ICDX    ICD      Ind Commdity & Derivs Exch   Indonesia              
=ID      MTS      MTSIreland                   Ireland                 
.II      ISS      Intl Sec Exch - Equities     USA                   
         MCI      Multi-Commodity Exch ofIndia India                  
         NCX      NCDEX - India                India                  
         NBO      National Board of Trade      India                  
         IPT      Ind Pepper&Spice Trade Astn  India                  
         MCD      MCX Stock Exch Ltd (MCX-SX)  India                 
         IME      Ind Commodity Exch Ltd(ICEX) India                 
         USE      United Stock Exch of Ind Ltd India                 
         ACO      Ace Commodity Exchange Ltd   India                 
         NSL      National Spot Exch Ltd(NSEL) India                 
         JFX      Jakarta Futures Exchange     Indonesia              
.Ip      ISE      Irish Mifid                  United Kingdom                   
.Ip      ISE      The Irish Stock Exchange     Ireland                
.IQ      ISX      Iraq Stock Exchange          Iraq                   
.IS      IST/TDE  Istanbul SE                  Turkey                 
.ISD     ISD      ICAP Sec & Deriv Exc(ISDX)   United Kingdom        
.IXH     IXH      Instinet HK                  Hong Kong              
.J       JNB/SFX  Johannesburg SE              South Africa           
.JA      JNA      Tokyo AIM                    Japan                  
         TFF      Tokyo Financial Exchange     Japan                  
         TCE      Tokyo Commodity Exchange     Japan                  
         ODE      Osaka Dojima Comdity Exch    Japan                 
         JEP      Japan Electric Power Exch    Japan                 
.JK      JKT      Indonesia SE (formerly JSX)  Indonesia              
.JS      JAM      Jamaica Stock Exchange       Jamaica                
.K       NYQ      NYSE Consolidated            USA                    
.K       ASQ      NYSE Amex Consolidated       USA                    
.K       PCQ      NYSE Arca Consolidated       United States          
                  Kyrgyz Stock Exchange        Kyrgyzstan             
.KA      KAR      Karachi SE                   Pakistan               
.KE      KFE      KOFEX                        South Korea            
.KE      KFE      KOFEX - KODAQ 50             South Korea            
.KF      MDX      Bursa Msia Derivatives Ex    Malaysia               
.KL      KLS      Bursa Msia Securities Ex     Malaysia               
=KM      KSB      KRX Bond Market              South Korea            
.KN      KNX      KRX - KONEX Market           South Korea            
.KQ      KOE      KOSDAQ                       South Korea            
.KS      KSC      Korea SE (Koscom)            South Korea            
=KS      KSB      KRX Bond Market              South Korea            
=KT      KSB      KRX Bond Market              South Korea            
.KW      KUW      Kuwait SE                    Kuwait                 
.KY      KYO      Kyoto SE                     Japan                  
.KZ      KAZ      Kazakhstan Stock Exchange    Kazakhstan             
.L       LSE      London SE                    United Kingdom         
.L       LIF      LIFFE United Kingdom         United Kingdom         
.LA      LAT      Latino American Market       Spain                 
.LG      LAG      Nigeria Stock Exchange       Nigeria                
.LJ      LJU      Ljubljana SE                 Slovenia               
.LK      LSX      Lao Securities Exchange      Laos                   
.LM      LMA      Lima SE                      Peru                   
.LN      LNM      Le Nouveau Marche            France                
.LP      LIP      Lipper                       Global                   
.LS      LIS      Euronext Lisbon              Portugal              
.LT      LSE      London Latest Touch system   Britain                
.LTS     LTE      Long Term SE                 United States         
.LU      LUX      Luxembourg SE                Luxembourg             
.LUF     RCT      Luxembourg Domiciled Funds   Luxembourg           
=LX      LME      London Metal Exchange (LME)  United Kingdom         
.LZ      LUS      Lusaka Stock Exchange        Zambia                 
.M       MON      Montreal Exchange            Canada                 
         GBT      Bourse Africa (ex-GBOT)      Mauritius              
.MA      MAD      Madrid SE                    Spain                    
.MANG    BQT      BeQuoted                     Sweden                 
=MB      BNC      Bank Negara Msia             Malaysia               
.MC      MCE      Mercado Continuo             Spain                    
=MCX     MCX      MICEX (Currency data)        Russia                 
=ME      MAE      (M.A.E)                      Argentina              
=MF      MFI      Madrid SE Fixed Income       Spain                  
=MH      MST      MTS Portugal                 Portugal                
.MI      MIL      Milan SE                     Italy                  
=MJ      MTA      MTSAmsterdam                 Netherlands             
=MK      MTC      MTSBelgium                   Belgium                 
.MKE     MKE      Macedonia Stock Exchange     Macedonia              
.MM      MCX      MICEX Russia                 Russia                 
.MN      MTV      MONTEVIDEO STOCK EXCHANGE    Uruguay                
.MNE     MGS      Mongolia Stock Exchange      Mongolia               
.MO      MSE      Moscow SE                    Russia                 
.MOT     MOT      Montenegro SE                Montenegro            
mrv      MRV      MEFF (Renta Variable)        Spain                  
.MT      MLT      Malta SE                     Malta                  
.MU      MUN      Munich SE                    Germany                
.MV      MLS      Malawi SE                    Malawi                 
=MV      MRF      AIAF SPAIN                   SPAIN                  
mv       MRV      MEFF (Renta Variable)        Spain                  
.MW      MID      NYSE Chicago                 United States          
.MX      MEX      Mexico SE                    Mexico                 
=MY      MTF      MTSFrance France             France                  
.MZ      MAU      Mauritius SE                 Mauritius              
.MZA     MEN      MENDOZA STOCK EXCHANGE       Argentina              
.N       NYS      New York SE                  United States          
.NB      NBN      Nasdaq Basic                 United States          
.NBC     NBC      Nasdaq Basic Canada          Canada                
.NEO     NEO      Aequitas Neo                 Canada                
.NFF     NFF      Norwegian Fund Broker Asstn  Norway                 
.NG      NGO      Nagoya SE                    Japan                  
.NGM     NGM      Nordic Growth Market         Sweden                 
.NH      NSX      National SE for Australia    Australia              
.NL      BUH      Romanian Equities TNL        Romania                
.NLB     NLB      Aequitas Neo Lit             Canada                
.NM      NSE      Namibian SE                  Namibia                
.NP      NWX      Nordpool Energy Exch Options Norway                
.NR      NAI      Nairobi SE                   Kenya                  
.NS      NSI      National SE                  India                  
.NZ      NZC      New Zealand SE               New Zealand            
.O       NSQ      Nasdaq Consolidated          United States          
.OB      OBB      OTC Bulletin Board           United States         
.OL      OSL      Oslo SE                      Norway                 
.OLT     OSL      Oslo trades and broker info  Norway                 
.OM      MUS      Muscat Sercuities Market     Oman                   
.OMG     OMG      OMEGA ATS                    Canada                
.OQ      NSM      NASDAQ Stock Market          United States          
.OS      OSA      Hercules Nippon              Japan                  
.OS      JSD      JASDAQ SE                    Japan                  
.OS      OSA      Osaka SE                     Japan                  
:OX      ONE      One Chicago                  United States         
.p       PAR      MONEP France                 France                
.P       PAO      Pacific Options              United States          
.P       PSE      NYSE Arca                    United States          
.P       LCP      Pacific Exchange/ARCA        United States          
         WBT      Warsaw Commodities Exchange  Poland                 
.PA      PAR      Euronext Paris               France                
.PC      SPC      Saint-Petersburg Currency    Russia                 
.PD      EDP      Primary Dealers Bond Market  Egypt                  
.PE      SPS      Saint-Petersburg             Russia                 
=PEX     PEX      Portuguese Private Exchange  Portugal                   
.PFT     PFT      PFTS Stock Exchange          Ukraine                
.PH      XPH      NASDAQ OMX PSX               United States          
.PK      PNK      OTC (Finra)                  United States         
.PL      PLS      Palestinian Securities Exch  Palestinian            
.PR      PRA      Prague SE                    Czech                  
.PS      PHS      Philippine SE                Philippines            
=PW      MTS      MTSPoland                    Poland                  
.PZ      PLU      PLUS Markets Group Plc       United Kingdom           
.QA      DSM      Qatar Exchange               Qatar                  
=QI      MTE      MTS Quasi-Government Market  ITALY                   
.QMF     QMF      Quote MTF Ltd                Hungary               
.QU      QTO      BOLSA DE QUITO               Ecuador                
         SFC      Sibex- Sibiu Stock Exchange  Romania                
=RC      BUE      Buenos Aires Cont            Argentina              
.RCT              Reuters Contributed Exchange code                             
.RF      RFX      ROSARIO FUTURES EXCHANGE     Argentina              
.RI      RIX      Riga Stock Exchange          Latvia                 
=RN      MTX      MTS Reference Pricing        ITALY                   
.RTS     RTS      Russian Trading System       Russia                 
.RW      RSE      Rwanda Stock Exchange        Rwanda                 
.S       QMH      Scoach Switzerland           Switzerland            
.S       SWX      SIX Swiss Exchange           Switzerland            
.S       VTX      Swiss Blue Chip Segment      Switzerland            
.SA      SAO      Sao Paulo SE                 Brazil              
.SCT     SOE      Infobolsa-SpanishOutcry Eq   Spain                 
.SE      SAU      Saudi SE                     Arabia                 
.SF      SFE      Sydney Futures Exch          Aus/New Zealand       
.SG      STU      Stuttgart SE                 Germany                
.SHBK    BQT      Be Quoted                    Sweden                
.SI      SES      SGX-ST Singapore             Singapore              
         SIM      Singapore Exch DerivsTrading Singapore              
         SMX      Singapore Mercantile Exch    Singapore              
         SIC      Singapore Commodity Exch     Singapore              
.SIG     SIG      Sigma X                      EUROPE                 
.SJ      SJR      Sarajevo SE                Bosnia & Herzegovina     
         KSC      KRX-Fut Mrkt(KOSPI Opt&Fut) South Korea              
.SN      SGO      Santiago SE                  Chile                  
.SO      SOMA     SOMA                         Brazil              
.SP      SAP      Sapporo Stock Exchange       Japan                  
-SRE     SRE      BSP Southpool Regnl Engy Exh Slovenia               
.SS      SHH      Shanghai SE                  China                  
.SS      SHH      Shanghai SE                  China                  
.ST      STO      Stockholm Options            Sweden                 
.TE      AKT      Spotlight Stock Market       Sweden                 
=SU      SUB      Indonesia SE (formerly SSX)  Indonesia              
                  (former SWX Europe)          Switzerland            
.SZ      SHZ      Shenzhen SE                  China                  
.T       TYO      Tokyo SE                     Japan                  
.TA      TLV      Tel Aviv SE                  Israel                 
=TA      TLV      Tel Aviv SE (Bonds)          Israel                 
.TC      CBC      CBC,Taiwan                   Taiwan                 
.TE      TEJ      Taiwan Economic Journal      Taiwan                 
.TG      TDG      Tradegate SE                 Germany                
.TH      THM      Third Market Stock           United States          
.TI      ETX      Euro TLX                     Italy                  
=TI      ETX      Euro TLX                     Italy                  
.TL      TLX      Tallinn SE                   Estonia                
.TM      TIM      Taiwan Futures Exchange      Taiwan                 
.TMX     TMX      TMX Select                   Canada                
.TN      TUN      Tunis SE                     Tunisia                
.TO      TOR      Toronto SE                   Canada                 
=TPFI    TPE      Taipei Forex Inc.            Thailand               
.TQ      TRQ      TURQUOISE                    Kingdom                 
.TR      IST      ISE Settl and Custody Bank   Turkey                 
=TT      MTS      MTS Italy                    Italy                   
=TT      IMD      e-MID SIM S.p.A.             Italy                  
         IST      Istanbul Gold Exchange       Turkey                 
         TDE      Turkish Derivatives Exchange Turkey                 
.TV      MTT      MTSIsrael                    Israel                  
.TW      TAI      Taiwan SE                    Taiwan                 
.TWO     TWO      ROC OTC SE                   Taiwan                 
.TX      ETX      Euro TLX                     ITALY                  
=TX      ETX      Euro TLX                     Italy                  
.TZ      DSS      Dar Es Salaam SE Ltd         Tanzania               
.U       OPQ      OPRA NBBO Options            United States           
                  Kiev Intl Stock ExcH         UAE                    
         DGX      Dubai Gold & Comdty Exch     UAE                    
         DMX      Dubai Mercantile Exchange    UAE                    
.UAX     UAX      Ukrainian Exchange           Ukraine                
.UE      UEX      URUGUAYAN ELECTRONIC EXCH    Uruguay                
         AFT      The Agricltrl Fut ExchofThai Uganda                 
.UG      UGS      Uganda Stock Exchange        Ukraine                
         IEU      Intercontinental Exch (ICE)  United Kingdom         
         BFE      The Baltic Exchange          United Kingdom        
.UP      UKPX     UK Power Exchange            United Kingdom         
         EDGX     Global Select Market         United States         
         EDGA     Global Select Market         United States         
         ISO      International Securities     United States         
         IUS      Intercontinental Exch(ICE-US)United States         
         CBT      Chicago Board of Trade(CBT)  United States         
         CME      Chicago Mercantile Exch(CME) United States         
         MGE      Minneapolis Grains Exchange  United States         
         NYM      New Yrk MercantileExch(NYMEX)United States         
         PBT      NASDAQ OMX Futures Exchange  United States         
         CFE      CBOE Futures Exchange        United States         
         IUS      NYSE LIFFE US                United States         
.v       OTB      (OETOB) Austria              Austria                
.V       CVE      TSX Venture                  Canada                 
.V       NEX      TSX Venture-NEX              Canada                 
.VA      VLN      Valencia SE                  Spain                  
.VI      VIE      Vienna SE                    Austria                
.VL      VLX      Vilnus SE                    Lithuania              
=VM      MTS      MTSAustria Austria           Austria                 
.W       WCB      Chicago Options              United States         
.WA      WSE      Warsaw SE                    Poland                 
.X       PHO      Philadelphia Options         United States          
.XA      ARM      NASDAQ OMX Armenia           Armenia                
.XR      XIM      Xetra International Market   Germany               
.YG      YSX      Yangon Stock Exchange        Myanmar                
.Z       LCZ      BATS Trading For Nasdaq      United States         
.ZA      ZAG      Zagreb SE                    Croatia             
.ZI ZSE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Zimbabwe .ZY LCY BATS Y Trading For Nasdaq OMX Global Market United States
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thanks @nsulikowski - can you please comment on how to get this from Eikon so that we can update periodically?

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