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MRN_STORY subscription getting initial image but no updates

I am trying to use the websocket example to to subscribe to MRN_STORY from our internal TREP infrastructure. I succesfully receive the Refresh Message:

RECEIVED: Refresh Message

Name = PROD_PERM: Value = 10001

Name = ACTIV_DATE: Value = 2022-06-04

Name = RECORDTYPE: Value = 30

Name = RDN_EXCHD2: Value = 1370

Name = TIMACT_MS: Value = 59663592

Name = GUID: Value = None

Name = CONTEXT_ID: Value = 3752

Name = DDS_DSO_ID: Value = 8328

Name = SPS_SP_RIC: Value = .[SPSML0L1

Name = MRN_V_MAJ: Value = 2

Name = MRN_TYPE: Value = STORY

Name = MDU_V_MIN: Value = None

Name = MDU_DATE: Value = None

Name = MRN_V_MIN: Value = 10

Name = MRN_SRC: Value = HDC_PRD_A

Name = MDUTM_NS: Value = None

Name = FRAG_NUM: Value = 1

Name = TOT_SIZE: Value = 0

Name = FRAGMENT: Value = None

but then no updates follow and the example app just publishes the ping-pong keep alive messages afterwards forever.

It may not be specific to the websockets example as the same thing happens (image followed by no updates) when I subscribe to the wesocket enable ads using the following rmdstestclient command:
rmdstestclient -h -S IDN_RDF -u XXX-md 33 -itemList MRN_STORY -d 3 -X -dfile $SC/RDMFieldDictionary -l stdout

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help

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I run rmdstestclient and can get the update properly.

./rmdstestclient -h -S ELEKTRON_DD -u XXX -md 33 -itemList MRN_STORY -d 3 -X -l output.txt


If rmdstestclient can't retrieve the data, you need to contact the account team or the data feed team to verify what the problem is.

You can access MyRefinitiv to submit a service request to the data feed team.

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It looks like the problem is related to entitlements as I used another DACSId and was able to get the stories after the image. What specific DACS permissions are required to properly consume MRN_STORY? Thanks for your help

FYI specific entitlements are required for the subscribing ID to get the story. It looks like you need PE 10001 (MRN Story RIC) to get the image and one or more other PEs (e.g. 10141 Accesswire, 12074 Trading Halts...) to get the story fragments.

Refinitiv/LSEG please correct me if I am giving wrong information but I did not find mention of how entitlements play into MRN in the docs.

Hello @michael.watrous ,

This is correct, a specific set of entitlements is required to access streaming MRN content. Refinitiv permissining group is in charge of assigning entitlements, as requested.

To help verify the entitlements on your user ID, as requested and assigned, you may wish to contact your Refinitiv account team, and I have also also alerted them to this question, on your behalf.

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Hello @michael.watrous ,

In addition to the answer from @Jirapongse you may wish to read article Introduction to Machine Readable News with WebSocket API that explains the example code and the approach to integrate.

A story can consist of one or more fragments, the number of fragments required depends on how big the story is, each fragment arrives as a separate message and once all fragments are received the story is complete. The complete explanation of MRN requesting and parsing can be found in the article.

As a sanity check, I would re-start and re-test the example with the user id that did not receive the updates.

Next, to verify the permissions in place, I would suggest to contact you Refinitiv account team, to help verify the permissions assigned to a user id.

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