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In the World-Check One API, How do I get fewer matches using Secondary Fields - Nationality, Country, etc..?

I screened a name with and without secondary fields but I get the same number of matches.

How do I get fewer matches using Place of Birth, Nationality, and Country Location?

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Hi @John Williams,

If you want to change the number of Matches returned from a W-C1 API screening request, you’ll need to change your Match Minimum Score Threshold to filter out lower match scores. In addition, adding Secondary Field information - Country, Nationality, Place of Birth will increase match scores for matching secondary fields.

You change the Minimum Score Threshold at the Group Level in the W-C1 through your Admin Compliance Leader Account. From the <Group Name> Summary Page, under Product Settings – Select World-Check->Edit, select Initial Screening tab, then select Edit and adjust the Minimum score threshold.

Here's an example. create 3 screening requests of the same name, then screen each on:

Request #1 - Name Only

Request #2 - Name+Location data

Set Initial Match Minimum score threshold to between Medium and Strong

Request #3 - – Name+Location Data

(NOTE: depending on the name and the higher Match Minimum score threshold setting, just a name may produce the same results)

With the Minimum score threshold set to Fuzzy the number of Name matches are the same because you’re simply matching Name, however combined with the additional secondary field information the results of the matches produce better case results.

Review the case results in World-Check One application - Case Manager

Request #2 - same number of matches as Request #1, however better results, non match countries may be removed from the Case in W-C1 application.

Request #3 - higher Minimum score threshold, MEDIUM & WEAK matches are ignored.

Hope this helps,


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