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continuing question 97398 ommstreaming-pricing-012-received-a-closing-messag (I cant add a comment there)

Hi Wasin.w

I took your recommendation and upgraded to 1.0.0b20, Error call-back is not launched when stream halt.

on my code

          self.current_rd_session = rd.open_session()
                self.theWebSocket = rd.content.pricing.Definition([ 'HTEc...,'CHFUSD=R'], fields=['BID', 'ASK', 'QUOTIM', 'QUOTIM_MS',....]).get_stream()

on refinery python connector (with DEBUG messages enabled)

++Rcv raw: b'\x81~\x01\x16[{"ID":2,"Type":"Status","Domain":"Login","Key":{"Name":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"},"State":{"Stream":"Closed","Data":"Suspect","Code":"Timeout","Text":"Authentication token has expired."}}]'
++Rcv decoded: fin=1 opcode=8 data=b'\x03\xe8Normal Closure'
++Sent raw: b'\x88\x825\xfa\xd5\x866\x12'
++Sent decoded: fin=1 opcode=8 data=b'\x03\xe8'

Now refinitiv data stop accepting messages. No On_Error call-back function was launched.

How can I verify I will get error callback launched when this

Normal Closure

occurs on the refinitiv connector internals events?

Thanks for advance

ori kovacsi katz

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1 Answer

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Hello @okatz

Please be informed that the RD team acknowledges this callback behavior and the team is investigating it.

I do not have any updates from them yet, but I will give you more updates as soon as I get more information from them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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