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Searching for Futures and Options with the DSS REST API - reference query criteria

The DSS API Reference Tree shows a wide range of query criteria for Futures and Options Search here:

This gives an example C# and https query and response with JSON, but it doesn't seem to be interactive in any way. So, if I were to use the Ref Tree form to try to create an example, I would like to test valid search criteria values and see the formatted JSON payload to Post to DSS. I cannot get this detail. I also checked the C# example application Dss.Api.Examples.sln from here but this does not seem to include the Futures and Options code that is in the API Reference Tree.

Is there a resource that can help me be sure of a correctly constructed query with the large set of criteria that is available?

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DSS API Reference Tree

It is only partially interactive: you can change parameters in the screen where the query is displayed, and then click on the JSON Model tab to see the corresponding formatted body of the request. But you cannot actually run the request, and you cannot change the C# code.

C# example app

If you run the binary, you can select a query and run it, but not change any of its parameters.

If you open the solution and edit the code you can change anything you like, and run it. In the VS Solution Explorer open Search and SearchExamples.cs, there you will find the code for the futures and options search.

Note: the API Reference Tree and the C# example app contain the same code examples.


I prefer to experiment with Postman, it is very efficient. The downloadable Postman collection contains code for the future and option search, and is described in the REST API Tutorial 13.


There are different ways to experiment and learn the API. For more tips see here and here.

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