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Need clarification on Refinitiv RFA API configuration for Murex application

Hi Guys,

I have been asked the below question so hoping someone can help here:

Hello @Rahman, Moshiur,

Thank you for joining meeting. As discussed with you, you will be checking internally and help us clarify on below API differences between Production and UAT.

Also kindly help us with any relevant instruction guide documents are available at your end.

  • We can see below 2 directories additionally in the UAT compared to production specific RFA API userPrefs, request you to kindly help us clarify what these directories refer to? are those mandatory to be setup in UAT RFA API?

tmsmxdt@devecpvm018996$ [dsml05] diff -qr Prod/.userPrefs/ UAT/.userPrefs/

Only in UAT/.userPrefs/com/reuters/rfa/_!&8!`w"5!(:!d!"l!'0=/Services: _!&`!@@"`!&8![!"%!&:=

Only in UAT/.userPrefs/com/reuters/rfa/_!&8!`w"5!(:!d!"l!'0=/Services: QoS

  • Also If we compare below file we can see below additional tags in prefs.xml, Kindly clarify us what these tags corresponds to ? and are these must need to defined in UAT RFA API userPrefs?

Files Prod/.userPrefs/com/reuters/rfa/_!&8!`w"5!(:!d!"l!'0=/Services/prefs.xml and UAT/.userPrefs/com/reuters/rfa/_!&8!`w"5!(:!d!"l!'0=/Services/prefs.xml differ

tmsmxdt@devecpvm018996$ [dsml05] more UAT/.userPrefs/com/reuters/rfa/_!&8!`w"5!(:!d!"l!'0=/Services/prefs.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>


<map MAP_XML_VERSION="1.0">

<entry key="dataFormat" value="1"/>

<entry key="feedName" value=""/>

<entry key="infrastructureType" value="TRIARCH"/>


  • We tried setup RFA API by copying .userPrefs specific to Production in UAT env and just changing the serverlist value in“.userPrefs/com/reuters/rfa/Murex/Connections/rssl/prefs.xml” to UAT specific DNS but the connectivity was not set. But if we .userPrefs specific to UAT then the connectivity is set properly, so here we need clarification about this that the differences mentioned above are specific to UAT env and need to be setup in .userPrefs.

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Hello @MoshiurRahman1 ,

Under .userPrefs is where RFA stores configuration on Linux. The way to edit configuration in RFA Java is via Configuration Editor. Configuration Editor tool is included with RFA Java SDK in Tools directory.

If the configuration required is indeed identical, you should be able to open the configuration via Config Editor, export it, and import via Config Editor on the other machine.

You should be able to easily visually review it, and apply any updates required.

Please refer to Tutorial 2 - Understanding RFA Java Configurations for the brief intro to RFA Java config requirements, and RFA Java Configuration Guide for the complete details on RFA Java configuration.

Hope that this information is of help

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