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Running Elektron-SDK's C++ Example Step2: what do we need to customize?


we've downloaded

Then we set the environment variable EMAInstall to

C:\Projects\API\EMA\Elektron-SDK\ema where we've unzipped Elektron SDK and we can compile the project ...step2\Consumer_VS120.vcxproj without errors. That works.

Now we'd like to run Step2 and obtain some response data.

The source code is:

cout << "Connecting to market data server" << endl;
// create OMM consumer
OmmConsumer consumer( 
.host( "TOR_ADS:14002" )
.username( "user" ) 

we're waiting from Reuters person with whom we signed the contract the data like

hostname, portnumber, service name, DACS user name

The questions:

1) In the above example is it enough to change only "TOR_ADS:14002" and "user" with our account's data we will get from Reuters person?

2) Should'n we insert a password somewhere? How to you authenticate users?

3) Is it possible to know all port numbers we need to open in our firewall? Only TCP port 14002? That's all?

Thanks in advance

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This is a very good question, how to get started using Elektron via API and are

EMA Tutorials a good starting point.


1) A developer will need to point their Consumer application at their assigned infrastructure, usually ADS, the statement you are looking at is designed to point, and TOR_ADS is just a placeholder for the assigned ADS, that will need to be replaced with it, once available.

In addition, a developer will need to replace a placeholder service, such as ELEKTRON_AD with the assigned service, and the placeholder RIC (Reuters Identifier Code for an instrument) "IBM.N" in the example, with a permissioned RIC that they are looking to subscribe.

2) The user is authenticated by the infrastructure they are connecting to, by means of DACS (Data Access Control System) and, therefore, only permissioned users will be able to login, and they only be able to subscribe to RICs they are permissioned for. Depending, if the connection is over a private line or over a dedicated secure channel, the assigned "user" credentials will be necessary and sufficient to connect and authenticate.

3) As you are planning to utilize EMA for subscription, you will be using OMM, and it's facilitated over RSSL protocol. RSSL is provided by default on port 14002. Unless you are planning to use a deployed infrastructure where you are planning to implement custom changes, the port will be 14002.

Hope this explanation helps

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