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Unable to contribute a partial page update via Reactor

I'm attempting to contribute a partial update to a page (80 by 25) via FID
"ROW80_2" that is resulting in a NAK'd response code 2
(RSSL_NAKC_DENIED_BY_SRC) with a state text of "Request failure for technical
reasons - Contact Thomson Reuters".

The partial update consists of a single character at column 70 and therefore
includes the relevant Control Sequence Introducer/Terminator byte codes.

I have used a series of RSSL API calls to encode the message, such as:


This has resulted in the following message being encoded:

0x000000  :  0018080600000006  :  [........]
0x000008  :  6a0d0100007f0000  :  [j.......]
0x000010  :  9ec0000000010000  :  [........]
0x000018  :  0001001704060000  :  [........]
0x000020  :  0006080400800c06  :  [........]
0x000028  :  0941524342494750  :  [.ARCBIGP]
0x000030  :  3031010903010001  :  [01......]
0x000038  :  0001013c061b5b37  :  [...<..[7]
0x000040  :  306560            :  [0e`     ]

Could you confirm the Contribution Channel is able to receive & handle partial
updates to pages?

Could you also explain why the partial page update is being NAK'd and what I
need to do to make a successful page update?

Thanks in advance,
Andrew Foster

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1 Answer

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Hi @andrew.foster

TRCC do support the partial update to pages.

But from your message trace, you have Hex 0x65 - "e" after the cursor offset number, which breaks the syntax.

0x000040  :  306560            :  [0e`     ]

The syntax of an intra-field positioning sequence is as follows:



  • <CSI> is the control sequence introducer (Hex 1B5B)
  • n is an ASCII numeric string representing the cursor offset position relative to the start of the field.
  • <HPA> is the Horizontal Position Adjust character which terminates the intra-field position sequence (Hex 60 which is an ASCII " ` ").
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Up to 2 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 512.0 KiB each and 1.0 MiB total.

I have changed the formatting as you advised and it now works.

Thanks for your help.