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How to publish/contribute quote data to a RIC using RFA API

Hi Team,

We have been working on a project to replace legacy Reuters excel-based contribution spread sheets within our organization. So far, we've had some decent success with using the C# RFA API to build these replacement contribution applications.

For example, we were able to use the "StarterConsumer_Post" example, as our base in order to develop an application that posts contributions to our page setup on Reuters. The connection details for our TREP environment was obtained directly from within the RtContribute formula in the existing excel spreadsheet. And those details used were fairly easy to understand (eg. service_name="DCS_MARKETLINK" etc.)

However, we now need to replace a spreadsheet that looks a little something like this:

To a Page (RIC) on Reuters Eikon, that looks something like this:

Somethings we've tried so far (with no luck):

  • Modify the "StarterConsumer_Post" example again so that it only publishes data to FID 356 & 970
  • Change the service name from "TRC" to "DCS_MARKETLINK"

Also, if possible could I get some clarification on the following:

  • Why is "TRC" being used as the service name? All other RtContribute functions on the excel spreadsheets use the "DCS_MARKETLINK" service instead.
  • I've read through the "Contributing your data to Refinitiv" article, and I'm still not completely sure if we have TRCC enabled on our TREP server. How do I check? And would we need this enabled before we can make contributions to the RIC codes above?

Any help/advice/guidance would be super appreciated!

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Hello @jadonm,

I am not familiar with RTContribute, but suppose it contributes data to Refinitiv (vs publishing data into your local TREP environment which is consumed by local applications). For contribution to Refinitiv, using API there are two options, both of which involve the new Refinitiv Contributions Channel (RCC).

1. Setup the backend (Market Data System) to connect and contribute to RCC. Your RFA application can then POST data locally, which will be routed to Refinitv automatically.

2. Use the new Refinitiv Realtime SDK (EMA) API to contribute directly to RCC servers via internet.

If this is what you are interested in, please talk to your account manager about Refinitiv Contributions Channel.

You can read about both these options in this article -

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Thank you, we were able to get it working! thanks for your help