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custom fields

I created a Custom Field in the WC1 UI and checked the boxes for "Show" and "Mandatory".

I ran Postman SEQ-1c: Get the case template for a group to get the typeId for my custom field.

I'm able to successfully set my custom field in my CreateCase request.

I expected that by checking "Show" and "Mandatory" when I created my custom field in the WC1 UI, it would display in Case Manager. I would like to be able to at least sort by my custom field in Case Manager; ideally I'd like to be able to sort AND/OR filter by my custom field. Is this possible? If so, what am I missing?

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Hello @jbentum ,

Kindly note if you check "Mandatory" while creating custom fields in the WC1 UI, it means that you are making the custom field mandatory to be filled while screening an entity. The WC1 UI would not allow you to screen an entity name if you do not enter the custom field value. While checking on "Show" means that the custom field will be displayed on the screening page. Both "Show" and "mandatory" are related to the screening page and not the "Case manager" page.

You will be able to filter cases using the custom fields but would not be able to sort your cases in the WC1 UI.

Steps to filter cases:

1. Go to Case Manager.

2. Click on "search" textbox just below "Filters".

3. This will open a drop down. Select the custom field you want to search.

4. Enter the custom field value you would like to search in the "Search" textbox

This will automatically display the cases with the selected custom ID and their matched value added in the search textbox.

Kindly note just selecting the custom field will not populate any case results.

Please check the attached.


In the attached file, I have used "Siren Number" as a custom field for screening organization and its related value entered is 123. So the system populates all the cases with siren number starting with 123. If your custom field value is unique then only one case result would be populated.

Kindly accept the answer if I was able to answer your question. If you have need further clarification, feel free to reply.

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