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RSearch criteria questions

1 .To filter out delisted Equities I use IsPrimaryRIC:Yes. How to filter out delisted Funds?

2. In python SCREEN(U(IN(Equity(active,public))) returns not only Equities, but also Funds.

If I run RSearch request using COM API with ASSET="EQUITY" I receive only Equities (stocks). What other asset types are included in python "Equity" term?

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3. Maximum number of results are limited by 2000. (with NBROWS:2000). Is there a way to get second 2000 rows?

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It's always best to ask each question on a separate thread.
The best way to construct search expressions for use in RSearch COM library is by going through Search wizard in Eikon Excel. Click the Search button in Thomson Reuters ribbon. Search widget is displayed offering free text search. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the right end of the search text field. This will display the criteria search wizard. Select the asset type and explore the criteria available. Once you've set your criteria, click the button displaying the icon of the function symbol in the top right corner of the window. This will insert RSearch worksheet function into Excel worksheet. RSearch COM library mimics the functionality of RSearch Excel worksheet function, and the values of RSearch function arguments can be used in RSearchQuery COM object. This way you can find out that for both funds and equities to include only active instruments you can add to your criteria "RawContextFilter:'AssetState ne \'DC\''". And when browsing the criteria available for Equities you can see what values you can use for Type of Equity criteria, which gives you an idea of what types of instruments may be returned under Equities universe. The look & feel and the functionality of the Search wizard changed since the last time I looked at it, and I'm not sure if the new look & feel is available yet to clients or if it's limited to internal users at Refinitiv for now. Try it.
As for the the 2K rows limitation on the number of results returned, the only way around it that I can think of is to sort the results by some numeric parameter included in the search query, and then use the result returned for that parameter as a criteria for the next query. E.g. ask for the results returned for equities to be sorted by market cap in descending order. The first query will return 2K stocks with the highest market cap. Then you add to your criteria set an additional parameter: market cap less than the lowest market cap returned for the previous query. Continue until the result set is less than 2K rows.

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How can I find something like this "RawContextFilter:'AssetState ne \'DC\''" in RSearch Excel window.? I couldn't find it. Also, I found there is RIC:'*.MX' works, which also cannot be find in Excel (at least I couldn't). That's why I asked for available search parameters...

I tried RawContextFilter: in RSearchCppEikonnect - it returns "<No response as Send Search Query failed - RawContextFilter is not a valid search criteria.>"

I guess this means the enhanced search capabilities are not yet available outside of Refinitiv. I'll try to find out when they will be available to customers.

The greatly enhanced criteria search capability is expected to go live with the release of Eikon 4.0.46 next month.

This is really good news.

Thank you.

@alex-putkon, this is a generally useful suggestion to dealing with 2000 limit. I have run into difficulties though. What is the suggested solution for OEFs? I cannot find an option for prices, so there is nothing numeric to sort on as far as I can see.

Also, is there any way for formulaic search for M&As? The window for M&A advanced search does not have a formula link...