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On repeated dates inside a request

Hello everyone,

I've noticed that for some TR formulas, some values are consistently being repeated, but I'd like to know the criteria (if possible of course) to choose which dates to repeat.

I'll use as example the following code, that produces the data in the screenshot:

import eikon as ek
out2 = ek.get_data(['AA.N'], ['TR.FCFMean', ''],{'SDate':'-24M','EDate':'-10M','Frq':'M','Curn':'USD', 'Period':'FY1'})


Same thing in Excel, notice the repeated dates on the end.


My assumption is that, to fill the vacant slot of data for this company, it just repeats one of the values to complete the request. The same happens for other companies, but other dates are repeated, such is the case for companies like AAN.N.

How can we understand better this behavior? Would using .calcDate instead of date solve this more properly?

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

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I believe your understanding is correct. represents the date the estimate was published, which can be repeated when the sampling period defined by Frq parameter is more granular than the interval between two consecutive estimates. Using your example that would be the case when there was no estimate update published within a month and the number from the previous month is repeated in the monthly series. TR.FCFMean.calcdate corresponds to the end of the sampling period (end of the month in your example), and therefore shouldn't have any repeat values.
This said to get an authoritative explanation on what these dates represent I suggest you contact Refinitiv Helpdesk and use Excel example to illustrate your question. The moderators on this forum do not have the deep content expertise required to provide an authoritative answer to your question. The Helpdesk on the other hand will either have this expertise ready available or can reach out to content experts for the specific type of content you're interested in.

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Thanks Alex!