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Getting companies listed under a Exchange using Eikon.

I would like to request companies listed under the exchange MA (MADRID STOCK EXCHANGE - FLOOR) using Eikon.

I'm getting the list of Exchange RIC extensions from here:

Any help is appreciated :)

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1 Answer

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I think you refer to "BOLSA DE MADRID" exchange ?

If so, please try this code:

df,e = ek.get_data("SCREEN(U(IN(Equity(active,public,primary))),IN(TR.ExchangeMarketIdCode,""XMAD""))",["TR.CommonName;TR.ExchangeName"])


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Not exactly, check this screenshot please (taken from this site: )

Basically looking for companies that have the ".MA" suffix as the RIC exchange. The ones you're showing are for ".MC"

Is it possible?

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Hi @aquilesjlp300

The SCREENER app in Eikon Desktop does not have any other exchange with "MADRID" in its name.

I think the list you are referring to is not an Exchange suffix at all.

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@chavalit.jintamalit ♦♦ thanks for your reply. I get your point because I don't get anything there either, but there's something bugging me about the Link I posted at the beginning of the question, which leads me to believe that perhaps the information in this website is not up to date anymore (perhaps): why does the exchange appears in there but not on the SCREENER app? Also, checking old forum posts, I found this older question in which I can see a link leading to an Excel file that maps MICs and RIC exchanges, and the RIC exchange I'm looking for also appears (check screenshot please). Are these tables up to date? Should I trust them? How can I resolve this discrepancy? Is there something I'm reading wrong perhaps? Any help you might have will be appreciated :)

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