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TuckHistory / retrieve scheduled extraction / REST/JSON


I would like to retrieve some data from a Stored & Scheduled Workflow (products list, report template and scheduler).

I am using a REST/JSON client in order to retrieve the last ReportExtractionId and associated ExtractedFileIds. I am able to retrieve all the IDs and for downloading this file, I am using the request below:

curl -k -v -H "Authorization: Token ..." -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "Prefer: respond-async" -H "Accept-Charset: UTF-8" -X GET "'<ExtractedFileId>')/$value"

and the result is :


I am expecting a CSV file.

May you help me to identify the pb with my request?



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Assuming you put a valid file ID in the request you posted above, it should deliver the data, yes.

What intzrigues me is that the response you posted is similar to the response of a GET to a different endpoint, i.e.'<reportExtractionId>')/Files

I say this because it contains the list of files with their Ids, names, size, etc.

To retrieve a file the endpoint should be what you say you used, i.e.'<extractedFileId>')/$value

where you replace <extractedFileId> with the Id of the file you want to retrieve (do not use the <> characters). Here is a real world example with a real extractedFileId inserted in it:'VjF8MHgwNmUzMzk2ODdhNjEzMjA5fA')/$value


  • You will not be able to use the same file Id as in my example because it is linked to my account; you need to use the file Id you received when retrieving the extraction report, i.e. the value of "ExtractedFileId".
  • The call to retrieve the data from the server is explained here in the REST tutorial 12.

Question to you: did you use the Id of your data file in the call, as illustrated in my code snippet above ?

If this does not help: could you please give us the details of your scheduled extraction, i.e. the products list, template and schedule (simply export them, zip them together and post here as attachment). That will help us investigate further.

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