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How to use get_data() to get information on bond issues by inputting RIC codes?

I am trying to get information on bond issuance between a certain data range (including the amount and the the currency of issue) for a set of RIC codes. I am having a little bit of a trouble building the appropriate formula on excel. Thanks!

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HI @sanhitha.jugulum

If you can please share your attempt(s) so far, what trouble you are having and also some sample RICS that you are using this may help us. Thanks.

Hi Umer,

Sorry for the late reply! I couldn't figure out how to incorporate the formula that a representative from EIKON had sent across.

I am essentially having a problem figuring out the screener/Rsearch criterion to get all the list of all the bonds issued by a company (whose RIC code I have). Here is the excel function:

=TR($A$5:$A$2000,"TR.FiDebtTypeDescription;TR.FiIssueDate;TR.FiMaturityDate;TR.FiCurrency","CH=FD NULL=BLANK").

The bold part should be a screener/Rsearch sort of an expression I am guessing. I am also attaching the screeshot of the search criteria I use when extract this data manually.

The sample RIC code I am using is SVW.AX!

bonds-search.jpg (259.6 KiB)

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Hi @sanhitha.jugulum

And this is sample code:

ahs.jpg (129.5 KiB)
ahs2.jpg (56.1 KiB)
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Thanks for the response! This is great but I need help with creating a line of code to retrieve the list of bond RICs (list ric in your code) using the company RIC /ticker. How can I do that?

If you could help me with that, that would be very much appreciated!

Hi @sanhitha.jugulum

You cannot use use "Bond Search" with Eikon Data API(Python).
You can use the "Bond Search" app and export the list manually.

Then use the exported list with API.

Thanks so much! If possible, could you tell me where I can get more information about using "Bond Search" with the API? I am leaning towards using the API because I have a huge list of companies for which I'll need to extract the data and doing it manually would be quite a task!

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