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How can I get corporate event data with python api?


Im trying to download corporate event data for certain constituent companies of the S&P 500. In Eikon I can see the data is available but how can I download this through Python (using eikon.get_data())?

For example I would like to get all Significant M&A events that occurred this year. In Eikon on the S&P 500 page I can go to Events > Corporate Events. Under Event Type I can search for "Mergers and Acquisitions - Announced" and a number of entries come up as shown in the image below:

I would like to have the Date, Type, and Event Name fields displayed. Is it possible for eikon.get_data() to retrieve these fields and could you kindly provide me with the inputs required to retrieve this data?


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I'm afraid the data available through Eikon Data APIs is not organized the same way as in the Corporate Events app in Eikon desktop application. The events that are available through Eikon Data APIs include earnings releases, conferences, shareholder meetings etc., but do not include M&A announcements. For an example of retrieving corporate events using Eikon Data APIs (and for the list of event types available) see this repository on Github.

If you'd like to retrieve M&A announcements, you can use Deals Screener. Here's an example retrieving all M&A deals announced year-to-date where either Etsy Inc (company PermID 4297595346) or Accenture Plc (company PermID 4295903017) is the acquirer ultimate parent.

screen = ('SCREEN(U(IN(DEALS)),'
          'relativedate(TR.MnAAnnDate,YTD), CURN=USD)')
df, err = ek.get_data(screen,
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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your answer. Is there a guide to using Python to extract data from the Deals Screener? If not, how can I modify this code to get all historical data instead of just YTD, and can I remove the requirement for the company to be the AUP? i.e involved in the deal either as target or acquiror. Is it also possible to pass a list of RICs into the screen variable instead of inputting a bunch of PermIDs?


To construct desired Screener expression follow Screener wizard. See the article titled "Find Your Right Companies with SCREENER", which talks about using Company Screener. With Deals Screener you can use the same methodology, as described in the above article.
I believe Deals Screener can only recognize PermID as company identifier. Lots of companies in the Deals database are private and won't have RICs. If you have a list of RICs, it is trivial to retrieve company PermIDs corresponding to those RICs, which you can then use to construct Screener expression.

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