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How Can we USE EIKON API to connect to any RPA tool like power automate ,

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@Manish.Mukherjee So I don't know about power automate in detail but it seems to be a no/lo code environment. Generally this type of software would rely upon connectors with a GUI type interface - similar to say the Excel Formula Builder in Eikon to get data into some kind of automated workflow. I don't think such a connector would exist for power automate. Our APIs. are designed to be used with programmatic workflows in coded environments. That said, one of our colleagues did some work with a Microsoft PowerBI integration (PowerBI is provided as a connector to power automate so that. might be a way to investigate). I am attaching the demo here and some instructions:


  • Follow the instructions on this page to install Python.
  • Follow the instructions on Quick Start Guide
    • Install Eikon Data APIs and dependency libraries by running the following command in <Python installed path>/Scripts folder (i.e. C:\Users\u8015664\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\Scripts)
      • Pip install eikon
      • Pip install pandas
    • Generate Eikon AppKey.

To run the demo

  • Extract the attached file and open it with PowerBI Desktop
  • Edit AppKey parameter.


  • Data will be refreshed with “Refresh” menu.

Demo File

Note: I think for someone looking for a lo/no code workflow this will already be too complicated. One other important point to consider is that Data from Eikon can only stay on the desktop - it cannot go into another platform or cloud environment due to licensing issues. We have feed solutions that come with such licenses such as DataScope Select etc.

Anyways I hope this can help.

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