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RDP data/datagrid/beta1/ BUG misaligned rows

When I query "" with fields that have structured layout, the returned result is not aligned properly. The content of columns in each row seems to be linked randomly. A comparaison with excel confirmes the bug. This behaviour can be reproduced on many rics and many fields, so it's probably a bug in the api and not related to the content I am querying.


m_in = {
universe: ["ACCP.PA"],
fields : ["TR.TPEstValue.calcdate", "", "TR.TPEstValue.brokername", "TR.TPEstValue"],
parameters={"SDate": "2022-07-01", "EDate": "2022-07-22"}
r =,headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " +TOKEN}, json=m_in)
m_out = json.loads(r.text)
df = pd.DataFrame(m_out["data"], columns=["ric", "calcdate", "date", "brokername", "value"])
df.sort_values(["calcdate", "date"])

The last 5 rows (once converted from json and sorted by calcdate,date)

calcdate    date                brokername                   value
2022-07-22  2022-06-27T03:15:00   Permission Denied 25632    NaN
2022-07-22  2022-06-28T00:05:00    Permission Denied 1120    NaN
2022-07-22  2022-06-28T06:26:00      Permission Denied 32    NaN
2022-07-22  2022-06-30T06:00:00  Permission Denied 398136    NaN
2022-07-22  2022-07-06T06:34:00                  ODDO BHF    NaN

Excel :

=@TR("ACCP.PA","TR.TPEstValue","SDate=2022-07-01 EDate=2022-07-22 RH=calcdate;date;brokername SORTA=calcdate;date")

Last 5 rows (issue is on all rows)

calcdate   date             brokername                value
22/07/2022 27/06/2022 03:15 Permission Denied 25632   38
22/07/2022 28/06/2022 00:05 Permission Denied 1120    33
22/07/2022 28/06/2022 06:26 Permission Denied 32      36
22/07/2022 30/06/2022 06:00 Permission Denied 398136  31
22/07/2022 06/07/2022 06:34 ODDO BHF                  32

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1 Answer

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Hi @msk ,

We've reproduced and can confirm that the issue persists, we're currently contacting the related team regarding this issue and will keep you updated. Thank you for reporting this

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Hello @msk

I have checked case 11450789. The case is closed with the following resolution

Upon collaborating with our Content Specialists and Devs, I was able to confirm that the returned data is correctly aligned.

In the below screenshot, the “output” param value contains (“Col,T|Va,Row,In,date|”)


sample response:


In a nutshell, we need to add values/parameters to the output to make it a unique record. In this case, we need to add Broker and Analyst

I would also like to add that RDP DataGrid endpoints are still in the beta phase.

Lastly, for the error code that returns Permission Denied, you need to have a specific license added to your logins to gain access to the requested data. You can either reach out to your Refinitiv contact/ Account manager

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