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How to access all portfolios, monitors, lists through RDP API (in python)

I may have overlooked some documentation but ... here is what I do and try to do

  1. I manage my portfolios, monitors and watch lists in WORKSPACE (app, on Windows and Mac OS)
  2. I'd like to access a complete list of all those items in python, that is something like:
    ek.get_data('LIST([ ALL ])

For the sake of clarity, I'd like information on the portfolios, lists, monitors and not their content, the latter I do already having to maintain a list in python manually.

There is an EXCEL export button in WORKSPACEs' PAL. However, that only dumps

Portfolio Name Portfolio Code Owner Last Modified Date

And not a distinction between portfolio, monitor and list.

Besides, I don't like workarounds with EXCEL.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


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As answered in this question, you can get the data for a portfolio using get_data API call, once you know the portfolio code. If this is not what you want, I would recommend that you reach out to Eikon support via Eikon->Help->Contact Us, and describing your requirement in full detail.

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Thanks Gurpreet

As mentioned in my question, that I already do.

I am looking at getting the portfolio codes themselves (plus associated data).


hi ,

The moderators on this forum do not have deep expertise in every type of content available through Refinitiv products. Such expertise is available through Refinitiv Helpdesk. If the Helpdesk can show you how to retrieve it using =@TR formula in Eikon Excel, then the moderators on this forum can help you translate it into the get_data method in the Eikon Data API call. Refinitiv Helpdesk can be reached via MyRefinitiv and you may request from them the =@TR formula in Eikon Excel which can be used to retrieve the data you would like to get.

However, for this case, case number 11470587 was raised on your behalf and the support team is going to contact you soon for providing information.


The support team confirms that it's not possible to retrieve portfolio/lists metadata using TR fields / Eikon Data API.

Hope this helps.