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Login rejected. Non-consumer attempting login [RFAJ]

I am getting "Login rejected. Non-consumer attempting login" message for provider from our ADS server not for consumer with RFA 8 Java . I am using the same port(14002) for Consumer and Provider. For consumer, connection type is RSSL and for provider connection type is RSSL_NIPROV.

With provider I am trying to post my data to reuters. With consumer I am consuming data from reuters.

Both are independent and not communicating with eachother but using same port to ADS server.

Is that the issue or something else.

Do I need to use different ports for provider and consumer.

Previously we are using RFA 7 Java with same port 8181 for provider and consumer, we didn't see this problem.

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Actually you do not need RRSL_NIPROV for this. You say that your requirement is to POST data back to TR. This is actually something you do on a consumer connection, not a provider connection. A consumer application (type RSSL_CONS) can consume data (duh!) and it can post data. Forget about the RSSL_NIPROV.

So, this is actually parallel to how it was in the legacy past.

I appreciate the somewhat confusing terminology here (poster vs provider). Think of it this way:

  • A poster is a consumer application which can (optionally) send post messages into existing data items.
  • A provider application is an entirely different beast. It can decide on its own which data items it will produce, thus it defines its own universe of data items, unlike a poster. A provider application basically creates data items. Developing provider applications typically takes a lot more effort than consumer application which is doing posts.

I hope this helped.

Lars @ Addicticks

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Is there any example for Posting data to reuters in RFA 8 package. So that I can refer.

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Yes, it is in com\reuters\rfa\example\omm\postingConsumer folder in the RFA Java package.


Yes, in examples, please refer to omm\postingConsumer

in Developer guide please refer to section Posting for the description of on-stream post (on an established data stream only) and off-stream post (on login stream,

regardless of whether a data stream first exists)

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When accessing TREP, consumers initiate connection to ADSs, while ADHs initiate connection to providers.

More details from RFA Developer Guide :

"Providers make their services available to consumers through TREP components. To interact with consumers, provider based applications must connect to a provider access point. All provider access points are considered concrete/direct and are implemented by a TREP component (like the ADH).


interactive provider can accept connections from multiple TREP components

and allow the Interactive Provider Application to manage those connections.


Please see below diagram.

providertrep.jpg (55.3 KiB)
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