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RFA Requests returning status "*All is well". What is the meaning of the appended asterisk?

Hello, I am using RFA 8.2.2.L1, c++ Linux. When making requests for market price the status will be returned as "*All is well". What is the meaning of the * character appended to the beginning. Before updating from RFA 8.1.0.L1 the status would be just "All is well".

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Thank you for reaching out to us.

I may relate te the configuration in the infrastructure compoment (ADS), as shown below.

! *ads*"${route}".route*"${svc}"*statusTextIntroducer :
!    statusTextIntroducer:
!    This parameter specifies the string that introduces status messages from
!    the hub. This string is prepended to the status text in all messages
!    from the server.
!    Default value: None

You may enable tracing in the RFA C++ by using the following cofigurations.

\Connections\Connection_RSSL\traceMsgToFile = true
\Connections\Connection_RSSL\traceMsgDomains = "all"
\Connections\Connection_RSSL\traceMsgMaxMsgSize = 5000000
\Connections\Connection_RSSL\traceMsgMultipleFiles = true
\Connections\Connection_RSSL\tracePing = true

Then, check the trace file if there is the prepended asterisk.

<!-- Incoming Message from '' on 'localhost' interface -->
<!-- Time: 11:11:33:771 -->
<!-- rwfMajorVer="14" rwfMinorVer="1" -->
<refreshMsg domainType="RSSL_DMT_MARKET_PRICE" streamId="3" containerType="RSSL_DT_FIELD_LIST" flags="0x1FA (RSSL_RFMF_HAS_PERM_DATA|RSSL_RFMF_HAS_MSG_KEY|RSSL_RFMF_HAS_SEQ_NUM|RSSL_RFMF_SOLICITED|RSSL_RFMF_REFRESH_COMPLETE|RSSL_RFMF_HAS_QOS|RSSL_RFMF_CLEAR_CACHE)" groupId="11" seqNum="63792" permData="0301 6465 62C0" qosDynamic="0" qosRate="1" qosTimeliness="1" dataState="RSSL_DATA_OK" streamState="RSSL_STREAM_OPEN" code="RSSL_SC_NONE" text="**All is well"  dataSize="1497">
    <key  flags="0x7 (RSSL_MKF_HAS_SERVICE_ID|RSSL_MKF_HAS_NAME|RSSL_MKF_HAS_NAME_TYPE)"  serviceId="10004" name="TRI.N" nameType="1"/>
        <fieldList flags="0x9 (RSSL_FLF_HAS_FIELD_LIST_INFO|RSSL_FLF_HAS_STANDARD_DATA)" fieldListNum="79" dictionaryId="1">

If yes, it indicates the status text with the prepended asterish was sent by the ADS.

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The behaviour appears on RTDS 3.7.1, whereas 3.5 is fine

The config is identical for both versions and we havent got "statusTextIntroducer"; defined anywhere and having looked at the cpd files, it seem you have change the default from "None", as you showing above, with "*" as per below:

I think with 3.7.1 you have changed the default to *:

! *ads*"${route}".route*"${svc}"*statusTextIntroducer : *


! statusTextIntroducer:


! This parameter specifies the string that is prepended to the state text in

! all refresh and status messages coming from the upstream provider application.

! This can be useful to help determine what layer (local site or upstream) the

! state text and status events are being generated from.


! Default value: *


Which i found under the 3.7.1 package ads_pop.cnf, i could not find it defined anywhere else.

Then i tried this:

*ads*statusTextIntroducer : TEST


*ads*statusTextIntroducer : None

And still showing *

@Jirapongse see my findings

@Jirapongse this looks to me like a bug on 3.7.1. We are using a simple H/S ADH with 2 ADS, we havent defined statusTextIntroducer anywhere on the config, see attached rmds.cnf.txt

When defining anything at main level *ads*statusTextIntroducer : and it ignore any value given and still gives a *

rmdscnf.txt (33.1 KiB)

@Jirapongse digging more into it, found the below on "Whats new on 3.5.4":

Change default value for statusTextIntroducer to *


• RTDS-3948

statusTextIntroducer configuration parameter will prepend all status text received from upstream with the defined string. This has been traditionally used in cascading environments to determine where a status was generated (host site or on local site) but this is also valuable

Unfortunately i could not find anywhere on what to do to actually disable this feature

@Jirapongse it seems this needs to be done at ADH level, no longer at ADS POP level only.

Once i added the below to my main rmds.cnf:

*adh*statusTextIntroducer :

I no longer get the * but neither the "All is well" message:


Left is before i made changes

Right is after i made change, * no longer appears but now we get a "New session Mounted"

state.png (82.1 KiB)


You can contact the RTDS support team directly via MyRefinitiv. The support team can verify the behavior of this configuration.

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Hello @Jirapongse,

Thank you for your response.

I will investigate as suggested and follow with results.

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