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Matching ISIN codes with emissions data and accounting data

Dear all,

Note: I am very new to using Refinitv so bear with me if these questions are very basic.

I am currently working with a sample of ISIN codes that I retrieved from Screener in Excel earlier. This was my code:

=@TR("SCREEN(U(IN(Equity(active or inactive,public,primary))/*UNV:Public*/), ANY(TR.AnalyticGHGEmissionsIndirectScope2(SDate=0,EDate=-21,Period=FY0,Frq=FY)>=0), ANY(TR.AnalyticGHGEmissionsDirectScope1(SDate=0,EDate=-21,Period=FY0,Frq=FY)>=0), IN(TR.HQ"&"CountryCode,""US""), CURN=USD)";"TR.CommonName;TR.AnalyticGHGEmissionsIndirectScope2(SDate=0,EDate=-21,Period=FY0,Frq=FY);TR.AnalyticGHGEmissionsDirectScope1(SDate=0,EDate=-21,Period=FY0,Frq=FY);TR.HeadquartersCountry;TR.ISINCode";"curn=USD RH=In CH="&"Fd;CalcDate;rfperiod")

I would like to match these ISIN codes with their emissions data and accounting data (over 22 years, so a time series data set). However, I am stuck at two points:

1. I would like to get GHG emissions on scope 1 and 2 (and potentially scope 3 but that is not necessary). However, I can only find emissions scaled by revenue or year-to-year changes. I have looked online but cannot seem to find documentation that says there is also a measure on unscaled emissions available.

2. Suppose I have found this measure (and if not: I will use the one scaled by revenues), next I would like to retrieve for each ISIN code, this measure for the last 22 years. I did so using the formula builder:

=@RDP.Data($A$4:$A$1156;"TR.CO2IndirectScope2";"SDate=0 EDate=-21 CH=Fd RH=IN";C2)

The problem is, how do I match this data to other data from Refinitiv on a MONTHLY basis? The data above is on an annual basis, but it doesn't include a column with dates. Ideally, I would like to add stock returns on a monthly basis, and other company-specific factors (think about revenues, company size etc.).

Any help would be much appreciated and let me know if anything is unclear!

Thank you.

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Hi @fsanden,

For information on content, the most useful tools are 'CODECR' and the Data Item Browser (DIB). You can access them in your Workspace application, on your desktop or online by clicking on 'Sign in' and not 'Sign in & Download'.


I had a look in the CODECR app. Granted it is made for Python codes, it still provides the field names that you might be after. I saw quite a few GHG fields. Is one of them the one you are after? Don't forget (i) to use the dropdowns on the right (under "Parameters & Quick Functions") to see if the specific value you're after is available & (ii) to add (blue "Add" button when hovering over the field sought after) the field to see the TR field appear in the "OUTPUT" below:



I had a look on the DIB, and saw that TR.CO2IndirectScope2 is only available on a Financial Year basis:


If the applications above are not helping, please note that this LSEG Developer Q&A Forum is for technical questions related to LSEG's Tech Stack (most often LSEG's APIs). For content questions such as yours, please raise a ticket on my.refinitiv.

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