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Problems using TR.HIGHPRICE.

Hello everybody,

I've been trying to request TR.HIGHPRICE for 12K RICs, for a period of 90 days. With no success, I've tried reducing the group of the request in terms of the amount of RICs and shorter time spans but I've got no luck so far.

I've had better luck with TR.TotalReturn1D and other factors like it also available as time-series, so I'm wondering if this is just on a issue about how far I can go in a request with some factors.

This happens not only with TR.HIGHPRICE, but also with TR.LOWPRICE, TR.OPENPRICE, TR.CLOSEPRICE. I've noticed as well these are written in caps, while others are not... silly question but is this made on purpose to let us know about the request lenght of some factors?

Also: I've used "TR.PriceHigh" and this issue disappears, I can make a request without much of a hastle.

Another thing, if you may answer this in this single post of course, is TR.PriceHigh, TR.PriceLow, TR.PriceClose and TR.PriceOpen are alternatives to the formulas mentioned above?

Thanks for your help!

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1 Answer

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I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to retrieve TR.HIGHPRICE for 90 days. Are you saying you cannot do it even for a single RIC? Retrieving timeseries for 12K RICs is a stretch. But you should be able to do it if you break the request into smaller chunks by the number of RICs. What are the symptoms you see when you try to do this?
The difference between TR.HIGHPRICE and TR.PriceHigh is that they're delivered by two different systems, which provide somewhat overlapping and somewhat complimentary capabilities. In most cases for stocks TR.HIGHPRICE and TR.PriceHigh return the same data. Using TR.PriceHigh you can retrieve stock price history in a currency of your choice. Using TR.HIGHPRICE you can retrieve stock price history unadjusted for capital changes. TR.PriceHigh is only available for stocks and stock indices. TR.HIGHPRICE is available for all exchange traded instruments.

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Thanks for the informative answer Alex.

Yeah I tried that approach of reducing the chunk of companies but I wasn't getting satisfactory results. I did tests with other formulas (like TR.TotalReturn1D) for small time spans and it worked good while for the TR formulas that were all in CAPS kinda had the same erroneous behavior.

At the end I went for TR.PriceHigh and similar TR formulas.